Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bluebird and the Bear does Christmas...

I know, I know, no one wants to think about Christmas yet, we haven't even done Halloween yet. It's October. And yet. . .

There are like sixty something shopping days until Christmas which means there are forty something photographing days until Christmas. 

A family photo session at this time of year not only gives you lovely photos of your kids but pretty much takes care of all of your family Christmas presents. As my friend Rachel sold it to her husband last year  'you get to spend a couple of hours with Cara, we get beautiful pictures of Pip and we don't have to do Christmas shopping because we can give everyone we know prints.' (anyone who wouldn't want a photo of your kids can get that bottle of bubble bath that you're going to get at the office/pre-school/book club secret santa.) 

Sessions can either focus entirely on your kids, on you and your kids or you can even invite the grandparents along for the ride. 

All sessions booked for before December 1st are guaranteed to be ready in time to have prints or cards made for Christmas and all of my sessions include high-res files so that if you want to you can take care of printing yourself. 

More information about how I work, what I charge etc can be found here