Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Patricia, ESB and a jar of dead moles.

I opened up reader this afternoon to find that one of my favourite bloggers was talking about one of my favourite cities over on East Side Bride. It was like finding another biscuit in a packet you thought was empty. And we're not talking 'Big Ben and The London Eye' London, we're talking 'weird, dead stuff' London. The best London, in other words. 

walrus from the Horniman Museum and via east side bride


It's October in the Highlands. Most days the skies are grey, the sheep behind the house hunch in drizzling rain and the boiler judders, struggling to keep a old, dark, stone house warm. And then there are days like this, when the sky is the coldest of blues, the light is as sharp as cut glass and our cheeks and fingers turn frozen pink as we explore and gather and collect and point and planes in the sky. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introducing: Bird and Bear

So, I finally got my act together to put together... Bird and Bear

Photographing families, with soul. 

I've been a bit reluctant to launch the website before we have actually moved to London (we're still very much in the northern wilds), but it's there and now I'm itchy to share it. So, spread the word. There's going to be a new family photographer in London Town in the new year, and her prices are excellent

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Susie, is that a poo in your pocket?"

We watched this last night. Are all dog owners a little bit tragic? Or just London dog owners? Or just the ones on Hampstead Heath?

(I'm aware that the answer is more likely 'just the ones picked for the program, but still, it raised some interesting questions in our house about people who have/love dogs. Opinions? Also, did you watch it? Who was your favourite dog owner? Personally I have a soft spot for the woman with the poo in her pocket. And the guy who looked after his father with Alzheimers for 5 years.) 

* photo by Jamie Street, aka A Desert Fete

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eilidh and Marcus {kids photography}

Remember the beautiful Eilidh from my first kids photo session? Well just before we moved house her mum invited me back to their home to spend time with Eilidh again and this time with her adorable friend Marcus. Eilidh and Marcus' mums have been friends since they weren't much bigger than Eilidh and Marcus themselves, and they have the hilarious photos to prove it. One of the things I'm most looking forward to about moving to London is seeing my kids and my friends' kids grow up together and spending a quiet morning with these four just made me all the more excited about that prospect. 

{I'm going to be hopefully launching a website for this little kiddy photography business over the next week or so. With a name and everything.}