Monday, August 31, 2009

choo choo.

No, not the shoes silly. Trains. Choo choo trains. For your ears...

I love jewellery that is really miniature, wearable sculpture. Oh and the graffiti is customisable. Crazy huh?

. earrings and pictures by DMDmetal
. found via Kidchamp's twitter

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bun love

Nibbles for poo days. Swedish Cinnamon Buns. Very very yummy. I'll share the recipe next week, once I've found the old envelope I wrote it down on.

. photos by me

shit his dad says...

Do you tweet? If you do you really need to follow this guy. And maybe give him a book deal, if you know how to do that.

(his dad's 73. That makes this shit funny, not just obnoxious.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Songs for poo days

Don't judge me.

fuzzy friends

do you remember my fuzzy little friend that arrived in the post one day? Well she has relatives, fuzzy ones and I'm in love with them...

These little guys really need to join her on my desk, right by my puter where they can cheer me up when I'm having a Poo Day. They can also remind me of the real big fuzzies we saw at the safari park last weekend. Huge fuzzies, with stripes and manes and tails and and and fluff!

. Lion and Tiger by Little Love Blue
. images courtesy of Little Love Blue

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

rain and birdies

Summer's gone. I'm sitting inside at 11am and it's so dark outside I have the lights on. It's August.

These plates make it all a little better...

. Secret Garden china, by Portmeirion
. images from John Lewis
. found in Country Living Magazine

Monday, August 24, 2009

corners of home

I sometimes forget that there are pretty little corners in our house, little spaces that aren't piled with rubble and broken tiles and damaged floorboards. In celebration of the fact that our new bathroom arrived this month (oh it's going to be so fine when it's a bathroom and not just lots of bits of bathroom sitting in the hall and living room and kitchen) I thought I'd share some of the lovelier corners with you....

back and forth and back again

Hello darlings (and hello lovely new darlings who have found their way over here from Joanna's coop. Welcome! Please stay for I think I like you.)

I've been away but now I'm back. For three nights until I'm away again. Sigh and triple sigh. Live is busy, August is crazy. Weddings weddings everywhere and not a drop to drink. Or something along those lines. In the last month we have travelled 3562 miles. Two weeks ago, over the course of four days we took fifteen trains and slept in four different beds. We now have 24,000 photos to edit and all I want to do is take a big nap. But no time, no time, no time at all.

In the meantime, until hotel room number seventy two and wedding number six hundred and forty one, I'm really really going to try and give you some new posts. Because I like you and want to give you pretty things and say thank you for your lovely comments which make me smile muchly in the month of mad mad madnesses.

. photo by Toshi*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look what they did...

The new Saipua shop is finally ready and it looks like no shop I have ever seen before, it's just boooooful. See....

There are without a doubt woodland fairies hiding in this little shop in this little corner of Brooklyn.

The grand opening is at noon this Saturday. Haste ye there, Noo Yorkers.
. photo courtesy of Saipua

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello chickens. Thank you for all your anniversary wishes, you're sweetie pies. P&P has now been a married blog for longer than it was an engaged blog so I'm thinking it's definitely not a wedding blog any more. Which confuses my head a little bit.

One year ago today I was eating a lot of cake, leftover lasagne, drinking homemade booze and watching Ratatouille with my recently acquired husband. It was a bloody brilliant day. Oh and that was when we had our wee day after, Make the Dress A Bit Muddy photo date. I don't think I ever told you about that, or showed you more than these two pictures. It was fun. I'll share more one day.

Yesterday was quiet. We thought about grand plans, we even tried to make grand plans but in the end it was just me and him and the things that we do on our favourite days, like go to the cinema, eat yummy food, make pancakes and give presents. Well, he gave presents. I kind of flunked on the presents thing. I have no excuse other than the fact that I'm a Bad Wife. I went to get something that I'd been thinking about for ages but the damn thing was gone and it's taken a little while for my brain to switch over to plan B. I would like to say that I felt really really bad about it when he presented me with a Kitchenaid Mixer that he'd been saving for for a year but bugger me if I wasn't altogether too busy with the stroking of the mixer and the rubbing of the mixer and the "ohmygod, you got me a KITCHENAID MIXER"ing.

In case you missed that, The Boy bought me a kitchenaid. A shiny one. An Almond one. One that he'd been saving for for a year because he wanted to buy me it as a wedding gift but a year ago we'd spent every penny we had on cake stands and gourmet cheese. So he saved his pennies for a whole year (Just in case you were in any doubt about how goddamn cute he is.)

And then (AND THEN) he made me pancakes with it. He bought me a kitchenaid mixer and then he made me pancakes. I bought him sunflowers and took him to the cinema. I think he wins.

Which brings me back to what I was going to say. We thought about big days, about health spas and luxury camping and nights in hotels and jazz on boats and dancing til dawn but in the end we did the things that we love to do, the things that we've done a lot over our first year of married life, the things that we've done to cheer ourselves up when things have been hard, to reward ourselves when we've done something clever, to find some time together when time is hard to find. We did those things but we did them better.

Instead of the big shiny cinema that smells of hotdog and synthetic cheese we went to the independent one, the one with the velvet seat and the curtain with stars on that hangs over the screen, the one that's 70 years old and doesn't mind if the audience bring their own cucumber sandwiches. And we watched two films. In a row. We NEVER watch two films in a row. We watch one film and say 'wouldn't it be fun to watch another? We better not though, that would be naughty.'

Instead of one the only two restaurants we ever go to (the vegan ones that do cheapies on a Monday) we went to a proper restaurant. One with silver cutlery and floral tableclothes and food served on mismatched granny china. One with real cheese!

And then we came home and asked the boy if it was weird that I had barely thought about our wedding once all day. And he said no, that an anniversary isn't about thinking about the wedding, it's about thinking about the marriage and each other and the time we've spent together and the time we have yet to spend together. We did that. And it was lovely.

The photos have little to nothing to do with our anniversary, they're just breakfast, but better.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One year.

one very short year later....

(taken by the boy. the day after)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

le stripes

him: I feel stupid wearing le stripes in France

her: shut up, you look le cute

him: ok

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

au revoir

Things are going to be a little quiet here at Peonies and Polaroids for the next week. Life is hectic hectic. I had all sorts of fancy ideas about scheduled posts but they fell by the wayside in all of the madness. So I leave you with a picture of The Rabbit. Just because.

Be back next week, my petite filous


(um, yeah. I deleted the previous post and with it all of your lovely comments. my bad. I'll put it back soon, and explain.)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Voyeur

what's your favourite word dearie
is it wee
I hope it's wee
wee's such a nice wee word
like a wee hairy dog
with two wee eyes
such a nice wee word to play with dearie
you can say it quickly
with a wee smile
and a wee glance to the side
or you can say it slowly dearie
with your mouth a wee bit open
and a wee sigh dearie
A wee sigh
put your wee head on my shoulder dearie
oh my
a great wee word
and scottish
it makes me proud.

. The Voyeur by Tom Leonard
. sun star #1 by sunlitrose

I thought that my last poem in my week of poems should be a happy one, or at least one that makes me smile. It was a challenge to find one I'll have you know, I like moving, emotional and downright depressing poems. The poetry equivalent of those 'whiny white boy songs' that I love but The Boy won't let me listen to.