Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Dearest little Blog,

I'm sorry I have neglected you so. I love you still, ever so. It's just that in the last week or two I've lost, in no particular order:

my sense of humour
my patience
my aticulateness (what? It's a word)
my mind.

We have also had our house rewired from top to bottom (oh what fun that was), confined ourselves and a lot of our furniture to one room in the house (two people, one rabbit, one room. Just sayin...), cleaned the inordinate amount of dust from said rewiring off every surface in the house at least four times, misplaced previously mentioned rabbit more than is ok, found ourselves reacquainted with an old friend I hoped we'd never see again and fallen out over whether or not we're getting a dog before or after we move house.

There was also that unfortunate period of time when I wanted to kill everyone on the internet (see aforementioned losses of humour and patience) so I had to log off for a while. But then I left the house for the first time in.... a while, and I discovered that I want to kill everyone everywhere. So I came back, because it's good to try and overcome that sort of thing.

So here I am. Overcoming. Thank you for your patience.

Lub you.

Pix, x

(WHY can't you just let me get a damn dog? Why? I'm pretty sure it would make me a lot nicer to live with.

Your Wife)

Friday, March 26, 2010

for eastside

Who apparently is freaked out by the baby and just can't hold out until I write an actual post, which I am going to do. One day.
Aparently eastside's not thrilled by babies. Apparently they disconcert her.
Funny that when she first hit publish on this post, the subject of that picture (the picture with the note SEE? I DON'T HATE BABIES) was not four legged. It was (whisper it) a baby. A human one.
Busted eastside.

*I have no idea where I found this picture. It was on my hard drive and it seemed to speak to me.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I think....

me: I think you're the bollocks.

him: (silence)

him: I think you're the cock and bollocks.

me: I love you.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New York - shoes

Say a girl was in the market for new shoes, and say that girl happened to be spending some time in New York City, where would you suggest that girl go looking for a little something to brighten up the situation south of her ankles?

*anyone who suggests somewhere that sells something zappos doesn't (thus encouraging said girl to grow a pair and go into a real shop) gets a gold star.

* image courtesy of Toast