Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pressed Glass

We've been collecting pressed glass cake stands for our vintagey, country garden party wedding for months now. They're so pretty, in an old lady sort of way.


The Boy is not convinced by my love of old lady objects, my tiny china animals freak him out and I think the cake stands might not excite him as they do me, but I love them and as I've been buying them I've been placing them decoratively around the flat.


I've told him I'll sell some of them after the wedding, but really I don't see why 7 glass cake stands aren't useful.


We were going to have a cake table with the stands and our Peggy Porschen inspired flowery cupcakes, but now we're thinking that we'll put a couple of stands on each of our long tables and let the cakes double up as decoration.


We're going to lose the wow factor of a table of 60 cakes but it's easier, more relaxed and will make the tables look pretty.

(all photos by me)

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  1. They look amazing. I'm wanting me some photography classes!


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