Friday, November 21, 2008


...I want a dog (any dog, even a stupid one) and it's nice to be reminded of a day when my head wasn't full of snot nor were my boobs inexplicably damp.

A little something from the day after the wedding, when The Boy and I got all dressed up and went to play in the gardens.

Photo by The Boy


  1. I so badly want a dog too. A furry head to flop down on your lap, pounding skidding feet as the dog races out to get outside, and just the general goofy love of life that a dog always seems to have.

    Imagine how happy we'd all be if we approached each new little experience as the best thing ever (and an overfilling trash bin is a good thing).

    Adorable puppy picture.

  2. That's a gorgeous photo. Sorry you're feeling icky.

    The Husband and I adopted an old dog when we were still living in sin. I didn't have a dog until I was 13, and I haven't figured out how I got along before that. They are one of the most empathic creatures out there.

    George is 12, deaf and a complete ham. He's our dude.

  3. beautiful photo.

    I'd love a dog but in a small flat in London, it's not the best idea. One day maybe.

  4. sorry for the snot and the not so dry boobs...but that is a damned cute dog!

  5. this is the best photo ever!!! hope you are feeling better! dogs always help! we have 3! {2 were ring-bearers in our wedding!}

  6. This is such a great photograph, hope you feel better soon!

  7. I also want a dog ... a companion ... My fiance & I both grew up around dogs, so we both know their love. Oh, I need to convince him that we can look after one! We can - we're in a home, we work regular hours. He just doesn't believe me!

    That picture, btw, is gorgeous.

  8. I say you should get a dog. Dogs are the best thing ever. Just today we took our pups to the dog park in NoVa in the 32 degree weather and just enjoyed being outdoors watching them have so much fun! ITS SO WORTH IT! GET A PUPPY!

  9. A dog, a wedding dress, a bouquet. This image is radiating sweetness!

  10. get one! I couldn't imagine not having a dog out here - I'd go nuts! Harvey is tha happy face at the beginning and end of every day, and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhh...I want one too. Preferably a stupid, big one. But I live in a small apartment, so maybe a stupid smallish one?

    You look so pretty in your dress and red shoes and doggie accessory.

    I am sick today. BAH.

  12. Blablover, exactly! Life without a dog is never the same as one with.

    October12, oh you're so lucky to have a dog!

    Rachel, how about a small dog?

    Flutter, thank you. Isn't he cute?

    Christina, three dogs??? You're so lucky! I'm sure I'd get over this flu faster with the help of a dog.

    Melissa, thank you.

    Krista, damn those fiancées/husbands with their practicality.

    Amyjean, ok! Now you just need to convince my boy!

    Vanessa, I know, it's almost to much isn't it?

    Miss Shortcake, oooh - maybe a really little dog like Harvey would go unnoticed by the rabbits?

    P, sorry your sick. I really want a big dog too. Not too stupid though, I want one that knows to rescue me when I get stuck somewhere!

  13. I understand this longing. Not very long ago I was wishing and hoping for a dog. By chance, two amazing furballs came into my life.

  14. I !love! your flower in your hair. Where did you get it from?


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