Thursday, November 06, 2008

Conversation in the pet shop...

A boy and a girl are in the pet shop, Boy had taken Girl to the pet shop to show her their new 'rescue' animal corner, populated with (you'll never guess...) animals that need re-homed.

Boy: Look, there's Max, the rabbit I was telling you about. Isn't he lovely?

Girl: Oh my goodness! Look at the rat! He's a rex! Oh isn't he lovely? He likes me! (she squeals as an adorable rat rushes over to the front of his tank and starts sniffing at her fingers through the edge of the door)

Boy; That's not a rex (unsaid: you idiot). That's a bald rat.

Girl; No it's not, it's a rex, look his head's fluffy...

Boy; Yeah, but the rest of him is bald...

Girl; Oh dear lord, it's a bald rat! Can we have the bald rat? Pleeeeease? I lovvvvvve him. Love him love him love him! Who else is going to want a bald rat? How much does a rat house cost?

Now I know that you get fancy, intentionally bald rats but I'm pretty sure that this was a special needs rat. He did not look nearly as chipper as this fella, in fact he looked downright dreadful. I'm in love. After musing that I really do have a thing for the completely buggered ones, The Boy is wondering if I only took him home because I knew no one else would have him.

Unfortunately we didn't come home with a bald rat. Our vets bills for the rabbits are already exorbitant, we just can't afford another critter. But damn did I love that rat. I'm thinking of going back with my camera just for you East Side.

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  1. I know the feeling of wanting an animal that no one else does. I always have a soft spot for the runts of the litter.

    I worked in a vet clinic for a few years and we had the tiniest puppie brought in (had to be at best 3 weeks old) that we all nursed and played with. It was so hard to watch her get adopted out at the time. I realized yesterday that she's either really old or passed on by now.

  2. That is so sweet. Awww. My brother once bought two white rats and told my nephew they were hamsters. I'm not really sure why he did this... but your story made me think of that! :)

  3. i love rats!
    i just got two of my own a couple months ago & they're two of the best pets i've ever had!

  4. So cute! We were foster parents to two kittens (brother and sister) and decided to keep them forever :) When ever we go to the pet store I want to adopt all of the animals too :)

  5. Oh! Oh! SWOOOOOOOON. (Thud)

    I love him. I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

  6. I want him too! (but I think my cats would want him more)

    I had a pet rat back in high school and I took him everywhere with me. I was so allergic to him though. I couldn't stop myself from constantly kissing him- but every time I did my lips would swell.

  7. I'm completely the same. We were sold on our cat when the rescue centre told us that he was old, had no teeth and sneezed all the time. Everyone else wants the cute, perfect ones I guess...which suits me fine because I've always had a thing for the ones that everyone ignores. Even if it does mean that most of our furniture has now been sneezed on (nice...).

  8. Hey, This is Mrs. Snow Pea (Anita). Who is this? Is this Mrs. Peony?

  9. that is the sweetest little FACE!!!

  10. hahaha! That's hilarious. Have you checked out these little beauties
    maybe if the special needs rat goes before you persuade the boy, one day you could get a mole rat.

  11. Aww! So cute! Our dogs would eat him though.

  12. Blablover, I think I would just explode working in a vets. It would be absolutely torturous!

    Amyjean, and your nephews believed him?! They must have got a surprise when they realised what a hamster really looked like!

    Laura, they are gorgeous!!

    Melissa, I fostered a kitten once, it broke my heart when I had to give her up. I'm glad you got to keep yours.

  13. P, I thought you might react so! I thought of you and East Side as I was standing smooching his little bald ass up.

    Amanda, I've never had a pet you could take anywhere, every animal I've had would be off at the first chance they got. Having a pet that's intelligent enough to stay put really appeals! And I would be kissing him all up too, no matter how swollen it made me!

    Tea and Adeventures, sounds like the type of cat for me!

    Pink Thumb, this is Ms Peonies and Polaroids, Scottish wedding blogger gal. I think you have the wrong Mrs Peonies but welcome anyways!

    Flutter, isn't he gorgeous??

    Zoe, it's only because I think you're fabulous that I'll fogive you for sending me that link before I'd had breakfast. It scared the crap out of me this morning! I don't think I would ever want an animal that was meant to be bald!

    Rachel, oh god, you can't have that! The Boy's dog killed four of his hamsters once, it was awful.

  14. Oh peonies. Oh please go back with your camera. Please? I *want* pictures....

    Actually, maybe the boy should do a trash the dress shoot with you and the bald rat. Yes. That is what should happen.

  15. You know I adore you. But that is a rat (I could barely the word), and I couldn't even look at the photo.

  16. East Side, if I go back there I'll be bringing him home, and I can't afford another pet. I wish I could post him to you though!

    Vanessa, I don't think you looked at it right, did you not see how cute he is? Go on, look again... The ears, the whiskers, oh he's lovely!


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