Friday, January 02, 2009

A new beginning...

No stories, no pictures, no posts at all. No comments thanked or questions answered, no blogs read or comments left. No emails replied to, no phone calls returned, no resolutions made, no reflecting on the year gone by.

Bad blogger, bad friend, bad daughter, bad granddaughter.

Well perhaps one resolution made. Nothing to do with a new year, just a gradual realisation that happens to coincide.

To blog differently. To slow down. To only post when I have something that has to be said. To stop filling the empty spaces. To take the time spent searching for things to say and spend it building a home, a nest. Spend it with purpose and intent. Spend it wisely because it is precious.
Spend it so that I know where it has gone, so that I can see the results, be they a house that is becoming a home, a business becoming stronger, an idea becoming realised, a blog becoming.... actually I'm not sure what this blog will become yet, but I'm excited about it.

Posts will be less regular, emails and comments will go unanswered for (even) longer and some if not most of you will probably wonder off. For which I won't blame you.

But achieving balance as opposed to a smug-makingly high reader count is the aim here. To switch the computer off and only switch it back on when I really want to, not because I feel I have to, that I really really have to. That my world might end if I don't switch the damn computer on, even though there is nothing I actually want to do on the computer, it's just become such a part of me that I'm lost if it's off. That's not healthy, right?

So, here's to a new year, a new start, a new found balance, a new way of living. A new, computer-minimal way to be.

Happy new year. May it be one of balance, of calm, of intent and purpose.

Photo of Roslin Glen, by me.


  1. Happy New Year angel - and as long as you don't disappear from our lives altogether, I'm sure we can forgive you anything x

  2. I really like the part "of purpose"... So it should be with a lot of things in our lives! Thanks for that!

    happy New Year!


  3. Good for you, girl. Happy new year :)

  4. Happy New Year.

    Balance is one of those challenging things, just when you think you've got a good grasp of it one way you start to teeter to far.

    So good luck in the challenging endeavor.

  5. We'll miss you but are so happy for you and wish you the best on your new life! Happy New Year! xoxo

  6. Sigh. I know the feeling. Blogging can be wearing. I hope you'll still be around though :)

  7. Happy new year. I shall miss you if you disappear but I shall understand at the same time. x

  8. So true, I haven't blogged for that long but I allready feel the pressure you're talking about.
    I really think one needs to take a step back then, if it's not fun then why do it? No, I say quality over quantity. So blog on in your own pace!

    Thank you so much for visiting me, I hope the translation button is working.
    I've lived in London so english isn't a problem but time is. Doing my final year at uni so I just don't have the time to write in both languages but I hope that button can help you. :)

    Be well!

  9. It's an interesting concept I think. Can you grow more from writing more? Or can you grow more from writing less and focusing on writing when it really means something? I don't think there is one right or wrong answer.

  10. Your images are ridiculously (I mean ridiculously!) beautiful!!!!

    How did you get that beautiful surround to your image?

    (Note to self: sweet talk her into coming to stay at your guesthouse in exchange for photography lessons. Liquor her up if that helps....)

    PS Stay away if you must but not for, cough, too long...

  11. happy new year, lovely substantive post, as usual from you. take care of yourself! i have no resolutions this year, just something to live by everyday:

    easy does it
    live and let live
    just for today i will be happy

    happy new year, may it bring you abundance, peace and happiness. xox

  12. I hope you do what's right and feels the best for YOU however right or wrong or good or not so good in anyone else's eyes.

  13. i have a feeling we'll still be hanging around...


play nice.