Tuesday, May 12, 2009

butter and cream....


they make me flutterly
they're so buttery
and creamy
and soft.

* I wanted to wear such a slinky soft dress to our wedding but I wasn't comfortable with our wedding guests becoming so intimately acquainted with my belly button and being able to count my ribs during the ceremony.

. images courtesy of Alix and Kelly


  1. haha you're so right, slinky dresses can sometimes highlight our perceived imperfections that we'd rather not have on display. you always find the prettiest dresses though.

  2. That's too funny that you mention belly rings and rib counting. I chose a slinky charmeuse silhouette- and the first thing I had to do was take out my belly ring. My mom said it looked like a 3rd nipple sprouting out of my tummy. :/

  3. could not agree with you more. it's kind of the same reason we're not doing the garter toss. there's something so unappealing to me about having my mister's hands (or face!) up my dress in front of my whole family. gah!

  4. I do like these dresses. I think mine is slightly reminiscent of these, but more structured for less rib counting.

    Didn't Kristina wear something very similar to this?

  5. i *almost* purchased one of theses dresses a week and a half before my wedding. i still maybe regret not doing so ...

  6. Aren't they dreamy? I wish I were tall and slender enough to wear something like that, but I'm not. Oh well.

    And I completely agree - sometimes, pretty as they are, they're just too figure-hugging (and not in a flattering way) for everyone to see you in it.

  7. Tots tough to wear. Kristina rocked it!

  8. I absolutely know what you mean - plus, after a night, it would be all wrinkly. Too bad, though - it's a stunner. I love the simple flowers in the hair, too - a great, beautiful accent that adds a lot of glamour without a lot of excess.


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