Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I miss Paris...

The Boy and I went for my 21st birthday, it was my second time in Paris, I had been when I was 15 and fallen in love, it felt like home. Everywhere I look people are going on holiday (or emmigrating) and I'm jealous. We will be spending a pitiful two hours in Paris in August. Two hours. I'm not sure that the boy will even let me leave Gare du Nord because that that would interfere with us being ready to get on the train at least three days before it arrives (you know, just in case we miss it). Sigh. I think two hours sitting in the train station in Paris is worse than not visiting Paris at all.

(just in case I can convince the boy that it's ok to leave the station, I don't suppose anyone knows of anywhere fabulously Parisienne within spitting distance of Gare du Nord? Somewhere with cake and pastries and hot chocolate? Somewhere close enough not to make my husband apopleptic as the station fades from view? Thanks.)

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  1. I wish I could help you..., I am from the U.S. and visited Paris in school. It was one of those tours "9 cities in 3 days"! something like that!

    You will find something, I am sure, or..., you might have to miss your train. I can think of worse things to happen while in Paris, no?

    Before you leave, will you stop by my blog and vote for your favorite Wedding Inspiration Board???

    That would be so great!! I've always loved your blog!

    "if you please!" (took French for years and still can't spell anything worth a darn...)

  2. Ask and ye shall receive :)

    Actually, I don't have any specific info on the 10eme (not really my 'hood) but i'll do some scoping for you. It's within skipping distance from the canal st martin, though, so I reckon that's your best bet. (unless you're up for a quick metro ride? 6 stops and you're in the Marais...)

    Also, what train are you transferring on to? Because most of the platforms for trains at gare du nord (except the eurostar) don't even appear on the board until 10-15min before the train departs. So there's absolutely no point to wait around the station for 2 hrs (hope that helps with the husband convincing!)

  3. I discovered your blog a couple of days ago (I'm getting married in 2010 and that's how in stumbled on your universe, which I love) and am a "Parisienne" - born there, live there even though I grew up in another city.
    If you had three hours I would recommend "Le loir dans la théière" (=the dormhouse in the teapot), which is a oh so lovely salon de thé in the "Marais" but it's 20 minutes away from Gare du Nord and you won't have time to go.
    Unfortunately, I realize I am of no help for I so little know this area of Paris...

    However, if it's sunny, the Canal Saint Martin is not far away from the station and it is a charming walk as well as a typical "parisien"/boho walk!

    I hope you'll be able to see a little of Paris in August:

  4. I visited Paris for ONE day and I fell into such a lust for the city and cannot wait to go back. We were on our way to Amsterdam and had to switch our flight date last minute, so we took the plane into Paris and took a train from there to Amsterdam.

    We walked along the Seine, went to the Louvre, saw the Eiffel Tower, ate at a cafe, had a crepe and a latte, and then tried to navigate the goddamn travel system to find a train to Amsterdam!!

    It was so amazing though. I can't wait to go back. Good luck on finding somewhere!

  5. I wish I could go to Paris for the first time! I had my kids YOUNG, so I have to wait.
    Beautiful blog by the way.

  6. Sorry, I don't know Paris well enough for that. What about Petite Anglaise, the English blogger in Paris, she might know.

    My Boy took me to Paris for my 21st birthday too, and our first anniversary. I would love to go back.

  7. I am missing London right now

  8. 2 hours?!? is there anyway you can convince your boy to at least stay the night? we'll be in paris in october and i'll make sure to think of you. :)

  9. Montmartre is only about 20 minutes walk away if you hurried but that might be a bit stressful!

  10. Two hours is loads of time! Certainly long enough to get through a couple of croissants, a pain au chocolat, and a baguette with some fantastic cheese.

    Yeah, I love Paris too :)

  11. Everytime I have only a couple hours in Paris (I always seem to have to catch a train as soon as I get there) I go to the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore by Notre Dame. Lots of wonderful nooks and crannies filled with books to lust after.

  12. You have to go to Terminus Nord, it's heavenly, a very old fashioned twenties brasserie opposite la gare....main entrance, oysters and Touraine ahoy.


  13. I went to Paris in high school on a school trip which seems like forever ago. I really would love to go back!

  14. Just asked some real "parisiennes" to stop by to help you ;-)... Hope you can find something ! (I love Paris too, even if almost everytime I go it's for work and I don't have time to enjoy...)

  15. Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I'm really looking forward to our two hour holiday now!


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