Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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it's spring in a ring

who knew you could fit the whole very essence of spring in a ring and wear spring forever more on your finger?

I would like this ring (in silver please) to remind me of spring while I try to get the 8 months of the year that is the Scottish winter without giving up a little.

. ring and images by Alex Monroe


  1. ok, now this, you definitely have to buy. :)

  2. You are a *really* bad influence!

  3. That is almost too adorable for words. Except that I really like the words you used. Also, is it weird that even with the 8 months of winter you describe, Scotland still seems more appealing to me than Los Angeles?

  4. This is too beautiful!

  5. i know, i'm awful! i can't help it. i fall in love so easily... especially when it comes to pretty things. bad, bad celia!


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