Monday, February 08, 2010


February was supposed to be our month off. A month off work and stress and busyness and ohmygodtheressomuchtodo. February was supposed to be the kind of month that lends itself to lazy days, coffee with friends, large pots of soup, reading books, baking bread and writing blog posts with leisure and no panic. February is only 8 days old and so far it's not looking like it's going to be working out like that.

It doesn't really matter, busy is good. Busy means work and work means that that apartment we just booked for four weeks in NYC that is six times our monthly mortgage payments is not quite so terrifying.

Busy means no time to brood and worry and nibble my bottom lip as I wonder WILL EVERYTHING BE OK?

Today busy has meant putting together this wedding for L&L which has meant a whole day of indecision and dithering and swapping and deleting and rearranging and just driving myself mad. Some days just getting the photographs in the right order feels like the biggest challenge there could ever be. But it's a pretty wedding with stripes and tulle and ravens and twinkly skies and I think we did good, so maybe I should just stop tinkering with it and chillthefuckout?

Can anyone please tell me how to do that?


  1. breathing helps....i swear.

    hope it gets better.

  2. Pills?
    Sorry for being illrevernt...I haven't figured out how to chill either.
    Breathing, breathing is good.

    Maybe gather a second opinion? Step away for a bit and have some tea.

    I always liked the putting pictures in order part, but then I have a strangely, logical mind that way....

  3. Uh, yes please chill because it looks perfect to me and makes me wish I was there. In fact, I feel like I am there by looking at those pictures. I don't know how you capture fleeting emotions, but you guys do it right.

  4. Dunno.

    But ravens are very nice.

  5. Well, you know I don't know how. I'm trying to figure it out, but it's hard. But that wedding is amazingly lovely, and it would be lovely in any order.

  6. I completely understand!! I agonize over the ordering as well. Dealing with wedding pictures is HIGH STRESS! The editing, the narrowing down and so on make my head want to explode. The thing that has helped me (but been extremely hard to do!) is realize that while I am paying attention to every minute detail in every single picture, nobody else is. They are seeing the whole picture, the whole lovely picture. It's easy to be hard on yourself. Whenever I get to the point where I starting freaking out and hating my pictures and wondering why I ever thought I was any good at this, I know it's time to walk away for a bit. It doesn't matter who tells me the pictures look great, I have to realize for myself that they look good.

    While this won't alleviate those feelings for you, I must say your pictures are truly amazing! You can tell you have your own style (and that style is fabulous! :)

    Good luck!!!

  7. howtochillthefuckout.


  8. I would recommend you spend some time browsing your own beautiful photographs, but I guess you and Nye are the only two people that's not going to work for.

  9. A stiff drink?

    The photos look lovely...and the order? Superb.

    And I'm sending a big bear hug from Noah. They fix me right up.


  10. Oh man am I working on the chillthefuckoutness. I'll let you know if/when I get there...

    And? *Beautiful*


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