Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Dearest little Blog,

I'm sorry I have neglected you so. I love you still, ever so. It's just that in the last week or two I've lost, in no particular order:

my sense of humour
my patience
my aticulateness (what? It's a word)
my mind.

We have also had our house rewired from top to bottom (oh what fun that was), confined ourselves and a lot of our furniture to one room in the house (two people, one rabbit, one room. Just sayin...), cleaned the inordinate amount of dust from said rewiring off every surface in the house at least four times, misplaced previously mentioned rabbit more than is ok, found ourselves reacquainted with an old friend I hoped we'd never see again and fallen out over whether or not we're getting a dog before or after we move house.

There was also that unfortunate period of time when I wanted to kill everyone on the internet (see aforementioned losses of humour and patience) so I had to log off for a while. But then I left the house for the first time in.... a while, and I discovered that I want to kill everyone everywhere. So I came back, because it's good to try and overcome that sort of thing.

So here I am. Overcoming. Thank you for your patience.

Lub you.

Pix, x

(WHY can't you just let me get a damn dog? Why? I'm pretty sure it would make me a lot nicer to live with.

Your Wife)


  1. I feel this post so so so much (other than the rewiring hell--that is thankfully something I have never experienced). Easy back in to civilization, lady, the culture shock is brutal. :)

    (And yes, dogs solve everything.)

  2. We hab missed you SO SO SO. Welcome back, darling girl.

    LUB YOU.

    (lub you too, esb)

  3. Oh no, not the kampa khazi!

    Why does it take so many dustings and sweepings to remove the dust? I would like it if one sweep were sufficient.

  4. Oh, it's good to see you again! I hope all the construction ends soon. Cleaning all the dust really is abominable.

  5. ahem accordiansandlace, dogs do not solve EVERYthing. just saying.

    but welcome back Peonies. i hope the toilet woes go away soon.

  6. Brendarling31/3/10 10:14 pm

    Glad you are back - missed you dearly on my daily blog-reading-routine :-)

    Went through the same thing over a year ago (rewiring and ALL furniture, dog and hubby creatively piling on 12 sqm for 4 weeks) - sucked so much!
    It ended in xmas in a half done living room - sucked even more! But: It will get better, springs around the corner, and the world will turn a little and all that's bad will turn away with it ;-)

    P.S.: Yes, dogs help, but I am sure rabbits help just as much *sweet*

  7. Dogs solve *most* things. Although then they cause a million extra woes. It evens out.

  8. joe won't let us get a dog either because he's evil and selfish and obviously does not love me.

    and fyi, i want to kill everyone everywhere about 90% of the time. i've learned to live with it.


    p.s. i never seem to want to kill you. :)

  9. oh for fuck's sake will you delete that "This post has been removed by the author" thing? #iamsuchadork

  10. dogs are like babies that way. (in the solving and creating of problems at the same time.)

    time away is nice.

  11. oh yes...the urge to kill took me by the throat this week. welcome back

  12. You are funny! I lose those things at least a few times a day;0)

    I want a dog too but VERY MEAN rental people won't let us. I ALWAYS feel the urge to kill them.

  13. Seriously. Let her GET THE DOG.

    My dog is my baby-girl and I'm completely border-line obsessed with her... She so silly and fun -- and I always say "I must have been so BORED before I had a dog. What did I DO with all of that time?!"

    Do it.

  14. Urg. good luck with the dust.

    Do you have a dust buster (there is such a thing, promise). It has saved my life. Good for those last stubborn bits of dust that wont get swept. Or for big clumps too.

    and good luck with the over- coming. maybe you should watch a pee yourself in the pants funny film or or get drunk or break things? might make you feel better!

  15. Dog love!

    Welcome back, I missed your posts!

  16. Oh yes, yes, get THAT dog please... Welcome back and good luck.

  17. If I'd been going to bet on who would comment what it would have gone as follows:

    lub from Amanda

    reference to 'lub' being Amanda's from East Side

    dust commiserations from Cate

    some sort of anti-dog sentiment from Julia

    confirmation that it's ok to want to kill everyone from Celia.

    I love y'all.

  18. Well, I'm late, but I lub you, too. And people, generally speaking, can be fairly incompetent, so I hear ya on the hate front. But I lub *you*. (Sorry, did I already say that??)


  19. Also late to the party but nice to have you back.

    I too frequently want to kill people, both on the internets and not.

    I also tell my husband life would be immeasurably improved by the addition of a whippet. He maintains we would just be both cash and time poorer. And couldn't just go surfing when we felt like it.

    Welcome Back. x

  20. What is it about husbands and anti-dog sentiments? Seriously.

    Missed you while you were gone my sweet. And very glad to have your beautiful self back.

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