Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I like you

I like you lots.

I like you for all of your suggestions for places to buy prints.

I especially like those of you who said they would put Lolita up in a nursery too (fear not my inappropriate friends for we shall be inappropriate together).

But. The Boy kind of trumped me when he suggested that maybe I read Lolita before I decide whether or not it's appropriate for a nursery. And bugger me if he didn't have a point. And if he didn't just win his argument right there and then, knowing as he does my issues with Russian literature (my issue being unfathomable mind wondering & bewilderment no more than 20 pages in). He knows this because he's been telling me to read Crime and Punishment for 6 years and every time I say 'yeah, maybe once I've finished {insert less bewildering book here. Or if we're being honest, insert 're-reading Harry Potter' here}'

(Did I ever tell you that when I met The Boy he had like a million hamsters? And that they were all named after characters from Crime and Punishment? Except for the ones he named Fatty and Attack Hamster. And I rechristened them Mavis and Maude.)

So no Lolita in the nursery. I wanted the butt sniffing print but he said it was horrible, which was quite the shock. I'd been about to buy him the t-shirt version. I really thought that he would like it. Who knew that art work would be such a reliable source of disagreement between us? Apart from that fucking awful POÄNG chair and the flowery teacups, we generally agree on most things house-related.

And so the search continues. But it is made easier by you with your suggestions. If we were dogs I would totally sniff your butts. Because I like you.

*I Like You print by Gemma Correll on Society6 (as recommended by Hannah)


  1. Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.

    Also, ATTACK HAMSTER. Could you just get some art that says Attack Hamster?

  2. This is all just reminding me that I really need to re-read Lolita, especially Amanda's quote! How could you not love a protagonist named Humbert Humbert? (I named a pillow Humbert Humbert quite recently, actually).

    Peonies, you could skip the book and watch the Jeremy Irons film, which i found quite Jeremy irons tastic http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119558/

  3. I've been reading Lolita for seriously two months. When I read it, I love it (perverted as he is, he's pretty amusing). But when I stop, it's so hard to get back into.

    Totally love the dog print though.

  4. @Amanda, I love thee.

    @Danae, I have actually seen the film. N says it doesn't count.

  5. @annelise, I've been reading Jane Eyre for two months! (and 5 years, if you count the first few times I tried to read it). You make me feel better about this.

  6. Oh crime and punishment I am always trying to read it but somehow I never managed to finish it

  7. the feeling is mutual.

    and i would TOTALLY paint you an attack hamster poster.

  8. @Peonies Wow, N is quite a taskmaster!

    I've got my own trying to read it for ages book - The Master and Margarita, which apparently inspired Mick Jagger to write "Sympathy for the Devil." i'm 2/3 of the way through and can't seem to bring myself to finish it, even though it's actually quite good. Just sooo hard work

  9. I'm kinda siding with Nye on this. (Sorry.) I want to like Lolita, but I can't get past the pervie/pedophile thing. Never could. This did not make me popular in university among the other Lit grads.

    Crime and Punishment though? Well, I *almost* decided to do my thesis on Dostoevsky, that's how much in love I am with it (and crushing on your husband and his hamsters a little bit right now). In the end I thought this universe would for sure drive me insane so I settled on a less complicated (and contemporary) Russian/French author.

  10. "If we were dogs I would totally sniff your butts" has to be the funniest thing i've read all day! Brilliant!

  11. All very funny, but oh my god, the POÄNG chair!!! It's not a chair. It's a pug ugly monstrosity!

    When I moved into my last flat, the landlord agreed to furnish it with a sofa and armchair. Moving day comes around and lo and behold, there is a fucking awful POÄNG chair in my new living room! I don't get it, what are they for? What is the point of them? Who actually has them??!

    And breathe....

  12. I came across your blog from your photography (which is amazing!) and am loving it!

    Crime and Punishment is amazingly difficult to get through but so intensely interesting. I read it for fun while in High School.

    I wish I had suggestions for posters but my taste tends to lean towards beachy pictures. Although my roomie in College had a lovely Orangina poster in our Kitchen...
    And some other French Drink that was beautifully colored but I don't recall that one. Good Luck finding something you both agree on!

  13. My approval of the Lolita poster was purely based on the poster itself. Though I haven't read it (yet), I knew the book's content would be wholly inappropriate for a nursery. (You aren't trying to read the book to them, though. Shouldn't that count for something?)

    You could always use watercolour bunnies. Surely watercolour bunnies are inoffensive and nursery-appropriate.

  14. @coquette and dove, FINALLY. N maintains that "there's nothing to dislike about the chair, EVERYBODY likes the chair." I knew it was bollocks.

    @Kristy, yes, my desire for the poster was entirely based on the design. It could be for any book, I just love the colour and typography.

  15. you totally need to commission some poster art that says the baby's butterbean nicknames.

    i freely admit that i would re-read HP before tackling russian authors...they make me fall asleep.

    now i guess john cusack will never fall in love with me.

  16. Hmmmm I do love Lolita, but I don't think I could put it in my child's room since much of it centers around pedophilia. Nope...

  17. joe and i battle it out when it comes to the wall art all the time. i would say there's only 3-4 pieces hung up that we both love. the rest were sacrifices we each had to make.

    let's see... maybe this is more appropriate for two boys, or at least one (or maybe it doesn't matter at all), but i've always loved this poster:


    and because you love to eat babies, this one made me think of you:


  18. Lol! That print is disgusting...but it still made me laugh.

  19. Attack Hamster it is.

    Though Widdle and Puke text art isn't a half bad idea either. I like a slightly twisted nursery.

  20. Greatest print EVER!

    'Nuff said.

  21. Oh my gosh, YES to the "Please don't go" poster Celia linked to. And hey, maybe you *could* do a widdle & puke typography poster. Maybe in bright orange in that Lolita-ish font? It's the look without the pedophilia association.

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  23. I meant to say I like you more.

    I swear, I am having some kind of verbal wire crossing these days. But I remember that I loved Pale Fire. And read every single Nabokov book when I was 14. And hated Dostoevsky. Back in the days before my verbal wire-crossing, that is.

  24. No Lolita in the nursery! Oh God, I've read the book and seen the movie. Obviously the book is darker than the movie. While they are at one of the motels during their travels, he describes catching Lolita looking at her own face in the bathroom mirror with an expression of horror.

  25. Yeah, gotta agree with N on the Lolita bit. There are soooo many other books out there, and I believe that Penguin Classics has come out with some gorgeous new book covers/styles for the classics.

    I also like the Widdle and Puke theme, too - I really hope you carry on with those nicknames. They're adorable (albeit true) :-D

    And fuck POÄNG - is it even comfortable? It reminds me of a home version of an airline seat... uncomfortable, smelly, and ugly!

    Last bit: my book I cannot possibly get through is "The Poisonwood Bible". Just.... can't.... do... it. I've re-read books while in the middle of it!

    and P.S. the big flower DOES distract... at least for a little while. Then you're the adorable, chic pregnant lady.

  26. that fucking POÄNG chair! my man makes sure to comment on it EVERY trip to IKEA "that chair is SO comfortable!" and my response is always the same: "it might be comfortable to sit on, but it hurts my eyes and it is heinous. not coming home with us"
    wish i could be helpful in the wall art department, but my walls are looking pretty sad themselves :(

  27. he he.. i've just had a re read of Harry Potter.. went straight for the last one and regretting my decision not to start from the very beginning!

    am now trying to be grown up and have stolen 3 off my soon to be mother in law.. also keep at Jane Eyre - just read it and loved it (i also started it around 5 times!)

    dog print great.. must read lolita.. so many books...

  28. Aww, really?? I like the dog poster. Hmmmm.... Will have to ponder on this...but now I need to go to bed... I be sleepy...


    ps: Your expanding belly and head flower are both gorgeous. Both. Gorgeous.

  29. Totally agree with the boy here. Read Lolita! It's amazing and nowhere at all as difficult to read as Crime and Punishment. And I also agree that it's totally inappropriate for a nursery. The movies really soften it up, making Lolita a bit older, leaving out that he spends time in parks looking at kids, etc. He's a total pedophile.

  30. True, FK,

    He constantly compares Lolita to every other prepubescent girl he sees to assure himself he has the prettiest one.

    And the story is recounted by him in such a matter-of-fact manner that it conveys his complete lack of remorse.

  31. Like I said, I wasn't planning on reading them the book, I just liked the poster. It's a good poster.

  32. I like the idea of widdle&puke personalised artwork. Also of the sniffing if we were dogs.

    I also must read Lolita.

    Speaking of artwork and marital discord, I have to say that the posters up in our house were ones that I bought and hung and I barely consulted (then boyfriend) husband. He didn't appear to object. They are all fashion illustrations or fashion photographs and bluetacked to the wall in student fashion. Our actual paintings are either by my grandfather or wedding presents or bought together on our honeymoon.

    Most of which we have not hung as no space and neither of us can be arsed to drill into a rented wall to use the small space we do have. they are all propped up against things with the exception of a framed photo which is stil sitting on the coffee table...

    You have inspired me though. I think I will hang some...

    (and apologies for the digression)

  33. i'm a bit late posting on this topic, i know, but i just saw this painting and thought it'd be great for my nursery, only i don't have a boyfriend, let alone child yet, and it got me thinking it might be good for yours, not particularly out there, but really pretty...


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