Monday, December 20, 2010

Grumpy and hairy.

polar bears

"They're pretty and furry but you wouldn't want to piss one off.
Also, they have their babies in twos."

Nye, on polar bears and why they might be my spirit animal.*

Bears, by Little Love Blue

*his is the meerkat. Also those monkeys that like swimming. He's a Gemini.


  1. Now if your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Pig, or the Dragon, I believe you've got trouble.

  2. I love polar bears, too bad they are an endangered species, we should really do our best to protect our environnement and those animals :)
    Lovely post by the way

  3. I love the analogy about the babies in pairs.

    And it's true - polar bears are adorable but you do NOT want to mess with them!

  4. Plus they live in cold places... just sayin'... *s*

  5. Love it! I didn't know that about polar bears either... We pretty much say our two cats are our spirit animals/familiars as the grey ninja cat is very like me personality wise, and the other half and the fox owl cat are just as happy and as daft as each other ;)

    P.S. Wishing you all a very very lovely Xmas xx

  6. One of my best friends does this about everyone. Apparently Nate is a sloth and I am a baby seal.


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