Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jamie + Celia + Hank + Lucy

Back in August my favourite girl Celia tweeted me "P, I'm 7 weeks pregnant! No one knows, don't tell anyone."

Four days later my other favourite girl Jamie tweeted me "P, I'm 7 weeks pregnant! No one knows, don't tell anyone."

It was pretty much the best week ever; friends! babies! synchronicity! secrets! friends having babies synchronicitally and telling me secrets! And then it sucked, because I knew they would both be so happy when they found out that they were probably expecting their bubbies the same week and it was so exciting and I wanted them to know now now now! But I'd promised, and so I kept quiet.

Then they finally told each other and it turned out that their bubs weren't just due the same week, they were due the SAME DAY. And then they started a blog and that's where the magic lives. It's called Hank and Lucy and I already love it. Almost as much as I'm going to love those bubbies when they arrive.


  1. SWEET!....smiles.

  2. awww thanks P.

    good thing our bubbies each get their own scottish pen pal!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. and now i'm crying. i swear, it doesn't take much these days.

    p, you're the best secret keeper and i love you. :)

  4. so so sweet! congrats to them both.

  5. yay!

    this happened to me and a dear friend. i called her with, "i have something to tell you..." and she said, "i have something to tell you first..."

  6. Such a sweet story! So MUCH fun! Im on my way over to meet them now!

  7. Too too cute. What cute names too. Love Hank especially.

  8. Ohh! Too darn adorable!! Such news is the best news. What happy days :)



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