Monday, March 14, 2011

Pot Belly and The Receding Hairlines

Nye and I have long-running disagreements about what makes the crappiest wedding band:

(sample conversation at a wedding:

N: This is the worst band yet
C: Nah, remember the guys at X&Y's wedding?
N: (incredulous) No way were they worse
C: were too. )

I would like your input:

What is more offensive? A band who sing out of tune and play their instruments badly or a 'band' who sing in tune and pretend to play their instruments while actually using karaoke tracks?*

And let's not even talk about bands who touch the wedding photographer inappropriately, ok? Although if anyone has any ideas for how to deal with such a situation without starting a brawl at someone's wedding, I'm all ears.

* of course it's all irrelevant if they can actually make British people dance. In that case who cares if they sound like they've never actually heard Brown Eyed Girl?

photos by Lillian and Leonard (aka, us)


  1. to me, there is nothing worse than a wedding band... unless it's a crappy wedding dj.

    i even made a list of 'do not play' songs for our band. and they were killin' it. but singing along to pre-recorded tracks has GOT to be the worst.

  2. Really? It's REALLY worse than singing *badly* but playing your own instruments? (also badly)

    (one point to Nye)

  3. I think I'd take the recorded tracks over singing out of tune & playing badly, even though karaoke tracks are a terrible cop-out. I'm probably hyper-sensitive to singing in tune, though, from decades of choir. (I may also be a music snob...)

  4. Wow, they're both pretty bad. I'd say don't go with a wedding band at all. Get a real band and ask them to do your wedding. It also means that they might not have done a wedding before and so you can call the shots in terms of what you'd pay them. But yeah, out of tune is probably marginally worse.

  5. No band. No DJ = No awkward 'tie yourself up in knots' pressure to dance to awfulness because you feel bad that the bride and groom have paid vast amounts for said awful band / DJ.

    Ipod playlist in the background, no dancefloor, no cringing. Hoorah :-)

    PS I once went to a wedding where no-one was dancing to the DJ because his choices were dreadful. He then came on the mic and said "this next track is a request from the table by the door - The Smiths 'Panic'" - it was not long before the chorus kicked in and the words 'hang the Djaay, Hang the DJaay echoed around the room!

    He'd been duped and I felt quite sorry for him.

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  7. Definitely a band pretending to play is worse. At least the band who play badly are TRYING and they'd be funny to watch.

    So far I haven't had to endure a wedding band thankfully but if I ever do my opinion on this topic may change...

  8. HAHAHA there are bands that PRETEND to play instruments?

    That. is. hilarious.

    And the worst of the two in my opinion. haha.

  9. I prefer them to be in tune, even if they are faking it...

    In my experience, wedding bands are so bad that I chose to go with a regular (not wedding) DJ friend.

  10. Ooh haven't heard a band do it karaoke style yet but both sound awful. I'd probably side with out of tune. We have a friend DJing but he's a non wedding professional DJ so fingers crossed.

    And as for groping...if anyone has any tips on how to deal with that as a wedding photographer from band/guest/caterers then please let me know!

  11. @tweekala74 that's hilarious! Any dj who doesn't see that coming deserves all they get.

  12. wait! British people won't dance?

  13. they're both terrible! but if i had to choose, i'd rather have a karaoke pretend band than an out of tune one. that way you can at least pretend you're at a pub on karaoke night. and with a crappy dj you can sit down and chat and say you're just not feeling like dancing. it's hard to politely escape from the "live entertainment" that no doubt was expensive.

  14. Why would anyone hire a rubbish band?
    My boyfriend plays in a "wedding band" so I know how expensive they are & I can't believe anyone would pay so much for that!
    His band are all trained musicians who love playing music & want the people they're playing for to enjoy themselves (they feel awful on the rare occasion guests don't want to dance, especially when the bride and groom are trying to get everyone up).
    That said, two of his bandmates used to be in another function band & the guy who started that one was awful- really smug, did the bare minimum for couples, couldn't sing (or take constructive criticism), was just really money-driven. And he still gets bookings so I guess it does happen!
    They don't know any grope-y bands (thankfully!) but they've been on the receiving end from over-amorous (ie blind drunk) guests!

  15. If I'm dancing, I don't care- so I'd maybe say the awful of key band is worse- at least you can dance to the karaoke tracks? All told though, not good options.

  16. I thought you were talking about wedding rings at first. (Too many wedding blogs.)

    I choose the in-tune option, even if they're faking. Although how they get any repeat business now anyone can do it better with a laptop or mp3 player is beyond me.


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