Tuesday, May 31, 2011

someone, please?

Somebody please get married wearing this, yes? 
  And maybe you would like to do it here
 And have these guys cater it? 
And these guys play at it? 
And Sophie will do the flowers? Yes? That would be nice. 
And maybe we could photograph it? 
It would be lovely. 

Pinky swear.

* photo of the dress via ASOS


  1. I wish you'd planned my wedding. So much easier than trawling the internet for suppliers. And I never thought of Hillhead Book Club for a wedding but it would be brilliant!

  2. How frigging cute cute cute!

  3. Pix, if I were getting married that would pretty much be what the wedding would be like. Except I would clone some copies of you and Nye to be the photographers so you could drink cocktails and swing dance with me! xxx

  4. i like the photo of you taking photos. a lot.

  5. so a little bit you just planned my wedding for me. that was easy.

  6. OH i forgot one thing...can you add the link to my groom?

  7. Oh yes, can I get a link to a nice groom too please? Maybe some sort of perfect man selection would be nice. Or a pick and mix arrangement for looks and personality traits would be ideal. But you know, whatever you can find.

    @Jordan, its one slight downside about a wedding, requiring a groom - pesky details....

  8. Wow! The Hillhead Cook Club looks awesome. can we go there when I come to Glasgow?

  9. For some reason I missed the bottom photo the first time I saw this - so cute! Although, a photo of a photo of you and N taking photos? I think my head just exploded.

    One out of six is pretty woeful. Maybe we should just do our wedding over again?


play nice.