Wednesday, August 24, 2011

free admission.

If only. Those fuckers want blood. 
We're still dreaming of a New York wedding that will actually work out. We've had two amazing enquiries recently but neither of them were meant to be. The thing is, since we had all the babies work needs to pay. Work also needs to give us a little warning. I'm prone to forgetting this but luckily I have a Very Sensible husband who reminds me of these things when I'm all 'let's do it for free!' 'let's go to New York next week!'. Not to mention; 'Norway's not that expensive, right?' 
Whilst I'm asking the universe for things wedding related: I would like a Caribbean wedding please. And a Sikh wedding too. With a little warning. And a photography budget bigger than 'none, but we have very nice friends, you will love our wedding.'  
It doesn't hurt to ask.

*chalkboard by Dana Tanamachi, via Happiness Is.


  1. harbor island in the Caribbean wedding you just linked to is an over-developed, environmentally devastated cay that USED to have a surrounding coral reef and pristine white beaches- now all the non-native plant species & "pink" sand are imported to please the tourists- oh and that reef? hundreds of thousands of years in the making? wiped out in less than 60 days after new resort development. and the black bahamians you see pictured for authenticity? hired under false pretenses of security after being duped into selling out for the promise of shitty pay. it's like going to a carribean island in disney world- everything there was PUT there.

    i apologize for the rant, and know they're just someone elses pretty pictures, but when those requests start (hopefully) piling in for you for all sorts of exotic weddings, research the place before promoting it with your beautiful photographs, if that sort of stuff means anything to you.

  2. Yikes. Thanks for the heads-up! Personally I'm holding out for Dominica, it was my favourite Caribbean island by 3million miles.

  3. Oh, Cara! I so wish it could have worked out for us and our upcoming wedding in NYC - but I'm crossing my fingers for you guys. And whenever you *do* make it over here, I'll take you out for a cup of coffee to make up for your sweet notes and lost hopes.
    ~Aurora, one of those almost NYC brides

  4. @loveloveletter, I shall look forward to it so very much! And I'm still excited about your wedding, even if we won't be there. I hope one day I will here all about it and see the pictures in all of their beauty.

  5. I know how you feel about the " I love your work, and I really want you to shoot my wedding, but I only have 100$ for the photography budget."
    I wish for destination weddings for you! Make a wish for me that the brides here will wake up and realize the value of what I do.

  6. i absolutely, absolutely understand... we're hoping for a new york wedding (and a moroccan wedding, and a paris wedding) soon...

    i know cole & jakob from nordica! i thought you'd be in love with their photo-style: aren't those two guys amazing? they inspire me to see differently everytime i look at their images.

    wishing for world weddings for you, loves! (if you ever shoot a wedding in a city that we're in at the same time... we'll watch the babies!)

  7. I have all my fingers crossed for you and all my toes as well. And one of you could promise to wear a kilt.xx

  8. Sikh weddings are definitely ALL they are cracked up to be. And more.

    Just attended one last month in Wisconsin. It was incredible. The colors were unreal. Putting good thoughts out there for you!

  9. I could do with getting married again, perhaps without snow.

    I'll let you know.


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