Sunday, September 04, 2011

west london.

West London. 

Ella would like to know what the deal is and why someone doesn't do something about all those sodding aeroplanes   


  1. Love this, she is so cute! What a great photo x

  2. she's gonna turn out to be a handful, this one :)

  3. Representing the larger question we all face. "Why doesn't the world come with a handbook!"

  4. My first word was "apparently" (the parents swear blind) Concorde. Where did we live until I was 18 months? West London.

  5. the soddin planes come at 90 second intervals; we timed them. We also did something about those soddin planes MOVED out of Putney, West London! Concorde...RIP
    Fiona (from Edinburgh)
    PS I met Gerhart(man behind Konditor & Cook) he's as flambouyant in real life as his delightful cakes


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