Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas Day: what I want to know:  
1. who you spent it with
2. what you ate
3. what you watched
4. what you got
5. who you fell out with 

I'll start shall I?  

1. Nye, Widdle & Puke (and virtually: Nye's parents, my mum, my gran, two aunts, two uncles, a dog-in-law and a cousin in a pear tree. God bless Skype.)  
2. Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on multigrain french toast; vegetable lasagne, sprouts, parsnips & potatoes; French fruit tart & custard; champagne truffles.  
3. In Bruges (which was hilareous btw.) and 10 minutes of the original Miracle on 34th Street 
4. so much, but the top 3: a lush People Tree jersey scarf from my mum, tiny gold triangle studs from Nye & a Henry Holland tee with TWO BUNNIES on it from my aunt. 
5. The babies. (turns out that if your babies hate your homecooked food and throw it at your head every day of the year then expecting them to enjoy it on Christmas because you spent two days making it and had it ready early so you could eat as a family is a big mistake and may result in tears. On your part and theirs. It was short-lived though, they're kind of forgiveable.)

* santa, by Poolga via Flora's pinterest, which is one of my favourites. 


  1. 1. My husband and kidlet, my mum, step-dad and brother. (Smallest Christmas ever for me, by a long way.) And all my missing siblings by phone/text/iMessage chat (lots of photo sharing).

    2. Eggs Benedict, little quiches, traditional Christmas dinner, baked cheesecake (which I thought was a funny Christmas day choice but was out of this world). No chocolate! Not a single one! WTF?! (Only realised this morning.)

    3. Nothing. Never saw a tv turned on on Christmas day till I was in my 20s so it's still an alien concept to me. Talia rocked out to a bit of Boogie Beebies while I made breakfast.

    4. A dressing gown, scrabble, six matching mugs, a beautiful throw and cushion cover, smellies and greedy treats.

    5. No one! Fallings out traditionally happen on the days after Christmas in my family, but we are opting out of all the extra gatherings this year so perhaps world peace will descend.

  2. 1. My husband, brother-in-law and mother-in-law. Plus, spoke to my parents, sister and brother on the phone.

    2- Chinese fondue, that is, pieces of meat and chicken + little vegetables cooked in broth and served with different little sauces. Also rice with tomato and flan.

    3. In the morning we watched "WHat's your number". Then later some kind of Jack London movie about sled dogs in the snow. I was feeling sleepy so I don't really remember the name.

    4. A book, and something else that still has to arrive, and I have no idea what it is.

    5. No real fall outs, but we were / are pending news from grandma who had some kind of stroke or microbleeding in the brain on the 24, she is in the hospital, on observation. Today a bit more responsive, and we are hoping for the best. It was quite the shock to receive that phone call on the 24 while preparing everything...

  3. 1. Everyone except my mother, stepfather, and youngest sister's family. They were together in Southern California. We called them on the old-fashioned telephone.

    2. Takeout from Whole Foods for lunch and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was not up for cooking, having arrived home from Hawaii the night before. Do not feel bad for me.

    3. My son and brother-in-law watched the NBA opener, without sound. Their discussion and interpretation was interesting.

    4. A black hat and gloves for walking in San Francisco, a kitchen timer, a check from my father, dinner out in Hawaii from my children. And unguents in my stocking. Significant other and I gave eachother Hawaii with the kids.

    5. Nobody, day of. My daughter, in the days prior. We have several years of fighting to catch up on, those that were put off in the days of my divorce. So we do it whenever we've got a little time.

  4. 1. My husband, mum, sister & little bro plus ben's rents & 2 brothers, then on to my grandparents where the rest of the family were waiting.

    2. Classic Christmas dinner, chocolate pudding (Xmas pudding sucks!) then a turkey & coleslaw sandwich and too many Roses.

    3. Nothing. Christmas records rule on Christmas day.

    4. A Donna Wilson cushion & Rob Ryan book from ben, plus money, a scarf, diary and an awesome illustration drawn by my sister.

    5. Ben. Hosting Christmas dinner 2 weeks before our first baby is due may have been too much after all. Hormones + feeding 9 people & very little sleep may not be a great combo. Was short lived though so it was back to present giving & chocolate eating in no time.

    Hope had an awesome day, and I'm sure your dinner was yummy really!! Xx

  5. I'm de-lurking to answer your questions!

    1. mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, baby nephew, toddler nephew, aunt, uncle, boy cousin and his fiancee and girl cousin.

    2. brunch - bacon, sausage and mushroom bread pudding with roast tomatoes, dried fruit salad with yoghurt, dinner - salmon and prawns, traditional Christmas dinner, plus roast pork, Christmas pud and custard.

    3. we don't normally watch telly on Christmas day but I saw a bit of The Gruffalo's Child with my nephew

    4. a Clarisonic face cleany thing, a pretty photo frame and calendar with photos of the nephews

    5. no one!

  6. 1) My husband and two catnip stoned cats (first married Christmas so we chose to stay at home alone together)

    2) Scrambled eggs and salmon, then full christmas dinner with christmas pud to finish. An assortment of Pringles, clementines, chocolates and crackers and cheese

    3) Michael Bubles Christmas special, and The Inbetweeners movie

    4) Husband bought me a laptop (LOVE him), Radley bag and purse, and the cats bought me a soft toy and mug. Inlaws and SIL spoilt me with books, perfume and DVD's. My folks tomorrow so 'Santa' will come again in the form of my Mum. I'm 27 and still get a stocking :)

    5) No-one - we very rarely do fall out as a family over Christmas

    Amanda, I hope there is good news about your Grandma

  7. 1. My man and my dad and my dad's plastered and fractured arm and the friendly nurses and doctors at the hospital where he held court.
    2. Pasta from the room service after we had left the hospital and made it to a hotel.
    3. Downton Abbey Xmas special, predictable, and during the ad breaks, we switched to Armageddon, total crap.
    4. A fairly healthy dad, once his fractures have healed (keeping fingers crossed).
    5. My dad's current girlfriend, arrogant bitch (sorry, had to vent).

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  9. 1. Just my brand new husband (and a skype love in my with ma's 3 dashund puppies)

    2. The biggest scallop burgers known to mankind.

    3. A whole lot of Elf (mainly for my love of zooey d!)

    4. Despite a present ban this year, my husband surprised me with a 1987 Singer and work station. I nearly died and cried a whole lot.

    5. No arguments to be had, thus is the way with a first married christmas.

  10. 1)Family
    2)Too much of EVERYTHING
    3)Charlie Brown Christmas
    4)Amazing vintage rabbit teaset from my best friend who clearly knows me very well.
    5)NO ONE. Yet. We're doing it all over again tomorrow with the outlaws.

    Thanks for the pinterest-love x

  11. 1. My other half, FIL, MIL, BIL and my bunny rabbits. Via skype I talked to pretty much my whole family in Scotland and then my SIL, her husband and my adorable niece and nephew.

    2. A really gorgeous traditional xmas dinner.

    3. The wild rabbits down at the beach (as a xmas thing we brought some carrots.) Then after dinner we watched a christmas Father Ted.

    4. Favorite things were some very snug merino wool socks and tickets to the symphony.

    5. I've not officially had a falling out yet but I came home to a whiny email from a team member at college who was upset about the feedback we gave him about his shitty performance on our project. Yes folks on xmas day he chose to send a email about how unfair we were to him and how at age 55 we are kids compared to him. I've still to reply to the email as I'm still digging deep to find some remaining patience.

    6. Number five was such a downer that I have to mention the fact that my lovely BIL even bought my rabbits some xmas treats.

  12. 1. Mum, Dad, Grumpy-Henry, Puss cats Fritz and Tinky and Doggles Bella and Collo.

    2. Scrambled eggs on an everything bagel, tea, coffee, smoked salmon and a LOT of cheese (local, quebecois, french, italian), turkey, pigs in blankets, brocollini, peas, home made sage and onion, bread sauce and cranberry sauce, boiled potatoes, buckets of gravy. Christmas pud (complete with fire-hazard flaming brandy/burning napkin combo), ice cream, chocolates. Also mimosas, red wine, white wine....

    3. Listened to the latest Florence and the machine and XX albums, then 27 dresses and wilbur wants to kill himself.

    4. Fairisle slipper boots, books on flowers and shabby chic, hilarious novel "the curse of the pogo stick", Florence, Portishead and Panic at the disco albums, earings.

    5. No one - we were all too full and sleepy to be crabby with each other.

    Hope you had a good day too, can't wait to catch up when skype is working or when I get back home. Christmas cuddles all round xxxx

  13. 1. Actual Christmas Eve and Christmas was spent working with my rad coworkers at the hospital...our little Christmas moments squeezed inbetween shifts was just me and the mister.
    2. Meat. Yummy beef tenderloin, smashed potatoes and some veggies. Gingerbread too of course!
    3. Polar Express!
    4. A lovely lambswool scarf and some mittens are my top favorites this year.
    5. My poor batty patient who just wanted to go home for the holidays.

    Finishing our little Christmas celebration tomorrow when both of us are in the same house!

  14. 1. Lime, the husband, my brother, and the in-laws (mum, dad, nan, grandad, brother)
    2. Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, baby carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, Linda McCartney Roast, cranberry sauce, yorkshire pudding....BBQ Pringles (way too many), sandwiches, chocolate....
    3. Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Family Fortunes...none of which was our choice *sigh* ...on Saturday we watched When Harry Met Sally though... :D
    4. A few things but here are my favourites: A 2-year subscription to The GreenParent YAY!, the Sherlock Holmes DVD and my stocking fillers: toothbrush, toothpaste and Spagetti (yeah..I know... O_o)
    5. nobody. :D

    I 'stole' this for my blog, hope that's alright. :)

    Love the name change btw! :)


  15. Merry Christmas! I sent you an ecard before.

    1 Pip his sister,hubby,niece and nephew.
    2 Salad,roast tatty ( yes just one) and a rip parsnip,sprouts,mushroom pie crust,cranberry sauce.Grapes,(other people's are always more delicious especially when you are stealing them when the owners are not looking)Wot no dairy yoghurt and clemetines.
    3 Mrs Brown's boys ( Pip almost spontaneously combusted laughing watching it )
    Corrie when I got home.

    4 A Nice extreme form of flu,
    Lush vouchers and smellies, £60 quid,herb pack ( that was swiftly used as a pressie for someone else)a planter,picture frame and pic.

    5. No-one I spent Christmas with sane people for a change.... a radical concept!

  16. Previous post by Kitty x

  17. 1. My boyfriend, and my Ma, Pa, and sister.
    2. A Christmas brunch with an egg and sausage casserole; a blood orange, grapefruit, and pomegranate salad; and cran-osas (a normal mimosa with cranberry juice for a festive red color).
    3. Lots and lots of Downton Abbey...the whole family got addicted.
    4. Tons of knives (TSA must have thought I was insane when they scanned my bag), a new cutting board, a T by Alexander Wang maxi dress, and a VKOO cardigan. Oh and tons of candy.
    5. No one! Having Christmas with immediate family as opposed to the extended, insane clan dramatically cuts down on conflict.

  18. 1. Richard, William, latterly Granny and Grandad

    2. Too fucking much.

    3. Strictly Christmas Special. Classy.

    4. River Cottage Veg book was probably the thing I was most excited about. Oven baked ratatouillilililile is heaven.

    5. My liver.

  19. 1. Husband, parents, sister, granddad, uncle, aunt, another aunt, 4 cousins, and 2 cousins' boyfriends. Skyped with my brother via my sister's iPhone.
    2. Homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee, chocolate-cherry cookies, turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, braised red cabbage, brussels sprouts & potatoes, salad, cranberry & orange relish, homemade Peruvian alfajores, more chocolate-cherry cookies.
    3. Nothing
    4. Cosy slippers, a beautiful vase, a Kindle, a Dutch oven, chocolate, Christmas on the beach in warm (80F/26C) weather
    5. No one, really, though I did get upset when everyone ran to open stockings & left me on my own making the cinnamon rolls.

  20. 1) husband, daughter, grandson

    2) breakfast: eggs with leftover sour cream enchiladas and bacon.
    dinner: shepherd's pie and pumplkin pie.

    3) no tv

    4) a fire pit/patio in my backyard

    5) no fallings out :)

  21. 1. My Dad, brother, aunt, uncle in law, his sister, and two cousins (third cousin via skype from Singapore).
    2. French toast with cinnamon for breakfast, Nigel Slater parsnip mushroom and pine nut fritters, roast spuds and veggies for dinner, chocolate almond and brandy cake for dessert.
    3. Other Voices NYC - a brilliant documentary about a performance by Irish artists and writers in New York.
    4. A beautiful vintage watch in silver marcasite, two Denis Cotter cookbooks, Tom Waits new album and 'The Vulture' by Gil Scott Heron.
    5. The brother - but no more than usual.

  22. 1. Day 1: husband, dad, 2 sisters,dad's fiance, entire inlaw maternal extended family, best friends and their immediate family.
    Day 2: husband immediate paternal in-law family (including oh so cute 1 year old brother in law) , both sisters, mom and stepfather. So MANY people!

    2. Curry and cookies. Very festive!

    3. Nada. Some Tom waits, some black keys.

    4. A printmaking workshop, a tablet, some socks and tickets to the cat empire(!!!!)

    5. My mom. She's been angry for months and there was a terse silence for the whole hour she deigned to sit at my table.

  23. 1. Ryan, Angus and me in the morning then add R's parents, two sisters and sisters new boyfriend later on. (phonecall to parents in glasgow, gran shouted down the phone, too but couldn't hear a word I was saying)

    2. Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Wheaten bread (sans salmon for Ryan) - full Xmas dinner, home made salt caramels (maybe 30 of them- eeek!)

    3. none! had to watch Ryan playing some xbox in the evening though... will teach me for giving him games for xmas, right?

    4. Mimco handbag, Flora's gorgeous stained glass - a conker and a leaf, Julia Smith Ceramics plate, Harry Potter boxed set, ENGAGEMENT RING and a FIANCE! ;)

    5. My mother, almost (and in our fantasies!), when she was lukewarm upon hearing of our engagement. Apparently that is appropriate when you're 'surprised' ;))

    Merry Christmas!! :) x

  24. 1. N's family (N's parents, brother, and thousands of extended family people).

    2. EVERYTHING. but more specifically, baked potatoes, big-ass salad, homemade Czech kolaches, trifle, cabbage, garlic bread, cookies... ugh.

    3. watched family. others watched "the dark knight," but that's, erm, a little heavy for Christmas... oh, and also watched N + his brother play video games. exciting stuff, that.

    4. luuurvely stuffs, like a drusy necklace, a teensy purse, a new fast lens, a new flash, etc.

    5. N, because by 9 pm, I was stuffed and exhausted from cooking and didn't want to watch his drunk aunt give out any more photos of half-naked men.

  25. 1. H, May Blossom, brother-in-law, mother-in-law and a visit to my dying father-in-law in the nursing home. My family were far away on the Skype this year, for the first time in my life. I was very grown up about it and hardly wept at all.
    2. Blueberry and spiced peach muffins, coffee and cherries for breakfast; champagne at the nursing home for morning tea; ham, prawns bought from a van beside the road, roast broccoli, rolls, more spiced peaches and aioli for lunch, with more champagne; a chocolate ice-cream on a stick in the late afternoon in the sun kn the verandah; late evening ham, cheese and fresh pineapple toasties for dinner.
    3. A couple of series 2 West Wing episodes before bed.
    4. Magnificent blue cotten maxi skirt by Bhalo, hideous heart necklace suitable for a five year old ( from MiL, who claimed it was perfect for me because I "hardly wear any makeup". WTF?
    5. Surprisingly, no one. Not even mIL. A Christmas miracle.

    Thanks for another lovely year of blogging, p&p. Xx

    1. My family in law always buy me offensively ugly gifts, and then insist that they are 'so perfect' for me. Which, I know sounds ungrateful, but really shows how much they still don't get me. Honestly, I'd rather that they saved their money.

  26. 1. Husband + son + daughter. Away from home, Boston on the 24, New York on the 25.
    2. Mismatched restaurant food: seafood, sushi, and then (the best part) a huge pile of fries with fried onions and a milkshake at our fave organic burger joint. This was so unusual for Christmas, we were giddy like little kids who skipped school.
    3. In Boston the boys went to the football game so I sat and watched a very silly Christmas movie with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J while the baby lovingly napped on me.
    4. Homemade bracelets with the kids names. And a MacBook Pro from the mister.
    5. No one. Christmas miracle!

  27. 01 my mother and her boyfriend, my sisters and their husbands, the joe, and two old cats.

    02 orange rolls and jelly stars. the omnivores had turducken.

    03 the day after tomorrow, taken, and the first twenty minutes of raiders of the lost ark.

    04 a large rhino head made of pants, a small plastic badger, $25 in president james garfield coins, and a stack of old pulp novels with fantastic covers.

    05 my liver.

  28. 1. His family, then an hour's drive later: my family.
    2. His: The traditional Christmas dins. Mine: smelly cheese and crackers washed down with a box of wine.
    3. Nothing. We played games.
    4. How To Be A Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. And a vintage fur hat.
    5. Probably no-one but I can't remember (drank a box if wine, so..)

    Happy New Year to you! Hx


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