Monday, February 27, 2012



Thank you so much everyone who commented on the breastfeeding post. I've written a lot of emotional shit over the years but no comments have made me as weepy as the ones on that post did. From the support for our breastfeeding situation to the tales of other people's struggles to hearing about times where it has been a joyous experience for mama and baby, nearly every one made my heart ache a little bit and love for you grow. Oh, not to mention those of you who haven't had babies or aren't interested in having babies but were really super kind about me writing about babies. You're all awesome. 
(I responded to as many as I could, before my heart burst and I needed a small nap.) 

* image by Carolyn Sewell. 


  1. I don't comment often, but I do read often. I'm currently in my 6th month of pregnancy and your breastfeeding post was well timed. It's good to read real stories about it. All the books make it sound magical, natural, etc., but rarely have I read about difficulties and it's good to know that sometimes it doesn't work out and that it is ok. Thank you.

  2. Lovely post!! So true and thanks for your honesty. :)

  3. I love your baby posts. You've become my guru. Kind of like I must be able to handle one because Cara manages two.


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