Monday, March 25, 2013

Coeliac and Secret Passages.

Things I learnt from a google chat with my brother in law today:

  • The price of a Savile Row suit. 
  • That a good pair of shoes should, in theory, last one a lifetime. 
  • That there is an off license in Mayfair that shares a secret passageway with Buckingham Palace, so when the queen runs out of booze no one need step outside. 
  • That coeliac disease is more common among the those of Irish heritage. 

What did you learn today? 

*Photograph from the Statham Cook Collection via the Guardian 


  1. Today I learned that strollers are effing expensive. And now I'm having sheer panic induced by impending motherhood.

    1. don't get a stroller until you actually have a kid. we got a $450 stroller as a gift. cheech HATED it. we sampled every stroller under the moon and the one she ended up liking, and still likes to this day, was a $120 gracco one.

  2. I learned that simply wishing that your broken washing machine is fixed and opening the door anyway does not keep the several (100?) litres of water from crashing all over your floor.

    I also learnt that my knitted slippers do not take to getting wet very well.

  3. My feet really are too smelly to have a pair of shoes last a lifetime!
    I learnt today that British Gas are even more annoying than I had originally suspected!

  4. umm i found this and thought of you! hope it makes you HAPPY and doesn't make you go CRAZY :)

  5. That silicon lube is good for EVERYTHING.

  6. i learned from a friend that you can't have more than one lap child in a row on a plane. you probably already knew that though.


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