Saturday, April 13, 2013

A silver string.

when she concentrates 
a silver string of
saliva unravels from
her lip gently as
a spider descends 
or silken gossemer pulls
or icicle melts
by 17 Beats. 

I've written before about 17 Beats and how the tiny little poems she writes make actual physical things happen to my body. Her current work is taking me right back to when the girls were smaller and it's making my heart swell and my ovaries ache.

*Puke, aged 18 months-ish. She was such a very serious baby and is now such a very ridiculous toddler. (I couldn't find a better drool photo, not at 8am on a Saturday morning.) 


  1. that picture is exactly what i'm talking about.

  2. I love this poet. My god! Those words really are incredible together. I like it when poetry is actually poetry because it makes me remember that language has deeper physical meaning when the spoken tones form together into specific frequencies that alter the shape of our cells. (Like cymatics, but with poetry.)

    Also, that picture. Her eyes.

  3. Gorgeous, photo and words.

  4. Hi Cara, Just been reading back through your blog as Michelle (Veg Plotting) reminded me that you were due to join us at the Great Dixter bloggers meet. Really enjoyed the read - it would have been great to meet you in person, hope that you can join us on the next one! Meantime, I'll be popping over here when you post. Lovely poem, btw. Know what you mean about harking back to when our babies were still babies (mine's now 18 but the photos get me every time). Caro x

  5. Just lovely! I am a huge poetry fan and am occasionally post some too. I will be looking up your favourite later. Thanks for the introduction.

  6. Yep, she is killing it. And I don't even like babies.

  7. How come I didn't know about that Tumblr???!!! It's HILARIOUS.

  8. How come I didn't know about that Tumblr???!!! It's HILARIOUS.


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