Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In January I - 

looked after a dog
decided I am not for two dogs
gave the dog back 
missed the dog 

shot a roll of fim
spent two days in the dark room
had some quite vivid and unpleasant dreams about being back at art school 
fantasized about going back to art school

lost hope
found hope
lost hope
(repeated infinitely with a distinct plummet in the overall trajectory starting around the 21st) 

turned 32
put my neck out
gained a dress size

How was your month? 


  1. Might you add to your month's catalogue of events that you took and shared some brilliant photographs and that your readers enjoyed those very much? Ta....

  2. Lovely. Una x

  3. January was OK due to company of friends. xox.

  4. Such gorgeous photos! Thank you!


play nice.