Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A box arrives...

A box arrives. 'What's this?' says your boy. 'Who has been sending you flowers?' 'Flowers?!' squeals you, 'someone sent me flowers?!'

Someone indeed has sent you flowers. A riotous bunch of orchids, so beautiful so colourful to sit on your desk and make you smile. Someone has sent you flowers to wish you luck with a new endeavour, to show you they believe in you. They make you smile. You are reminded once more of just how very lovely people are.

(Thank you mummy.)

(You are feeling soppy this week, and a little pathetic. You only use the word mummy when you're feeling pathetic. Or very excited. You promise.)


  1. That is so incredibly sweet! And funny about the mommy bit. I think we all probably say Mommy, or Mummy every once in a while ;) (That's what I tell myself)

  2. what a sweet surprise. and a wonderful mummy.

  3. Oh, they're lovely! I love getting surprises like that.


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