Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink dress, part II....

Girl + Boy +Dress were so happy that you liked the pink dress, they wanted to answer your questions about said frothy, feathery, ruffley, fruffly delight.

The dress, as British connoisseurs of pretty dresses recognised, is from Reiss. Reiss is my favourite shop, their clothes are simple (even when they're fruffley), beautifully designed and made, elegant and so comfortable. And expensive, let's not forget expensive. I'm currently fantacising about a £55 t-shirt. And convincing myself that spending £55 pounds on a t-shirt is a good idea. You know, an investment and all that. An investment t-shirt. Despite the fact that I've never owned a t-shirt that hasn't developed holes within 6 months. But maybe that's because I've never one that cost more than £20, maybe a £55 t-shirt would be immune to holes? Maybe it's a magic t-shirt? Oh, did I mention that it's white? And I stopped buying white t-shirts 6 years ago beacuse the armpits and cuffs all turned suspicious, non-white colours. But now I'm going to stop talking about armpits and get back to pretty dresses...

The dress was from last year's collection and eagle eyed readers spotted that it was indeed on my Christmas party dress wishlist. It was available in beautiful pale pink and a very luscious and regal rich purple. There was a skirt to match. And there was an elusive black dress with big bird sleeves that I never managed to find in a Reiss store.

There were a tonne of these dresses in the post-Christmas sale (which irked The Boy somewhat, given that he's a god boy scout and bought it early) and I think that is because while a lot of people might look at this crazy lady of a dress and touch it an stroke it and say 'wow' and maybe even try it on, there aren't many who look in the mirror and think 'yes, a thousand ruffles around my bottom is a very good idea, I'll take it.'

So while The Boy didn't quite pick it out all by himself, he did decide to buy it all by himself. As we know I don't really do hints. Well not out loud, that would be undignified. I do however post every pretty little (and big) thing I fall for on my blog, in the vain hope that one day, by magic, it might appear in my eagre little paws. Of recent birthdays, christmases and just beacauses this technique has been proving surprisingly effective, which makes me a Very Lucky Girl.

I have no idea what to wear my new pink dress with (or to for that matter, I have more of a jeans and wooly jumper lifestyle at the moment). My initial thought is to pair it with a black, delicate as tissure paper cardigan from urban outfitters, opaque black tights and some rather snazzy black and white mary janes that are my favourite shoes ever. But is that a little... blah? Does this delightful fruffly creation deserve better than a cardigan and thick black tights?

Opinions please, on two things. One, what should I wear the dress with? Lets forget for the moment that I don't have an occasion and just delight in playing dress up. And two, how much would you spend on a white t-shirt? A really really nice one, with long sleeves and silk trimmings. But it's still white. And a t-shirt. You are wise ladies (and gentlemen? Is there a gentleman there? Even just a little one, at the back somewhere?) and I would love to hear what you think. Thank you.

All photos by Me.


  1. Hello... I've never commented before, but have been peeking at your blog now for a while.
    I love that dress, its beautiful. But I am one of the hoards who would say good grief, a thousand ruffles round my bottom!! scary! :)
    now, I don't know much about clothes, just what I like and what I don't. if I ever had the shape and the luck to have that pretty dress I would wear it with lovely little pumps and a gentle cardigan, and if I was really dressing up, some pretty heels and some nice earrings.
    By the way. I also love your photography. I studied it part time for a year or two and recently my picture taking has lapsed, but your pictures make me smile and have made me want to go out with my camera again! Thank you for that! x

  2. I think that dress deserves to be worn, no matter how!
    I love the idea of black tights and cardi, (very rebellious ballerina!) but if you ever find yourself in warm enough climes, definitely give her a chance to shine on her own. Something shiny, dainty on your feet and dangling from your little ears. You'd resemble your very particular, deliciously delectable cupcakes!

  3. Pink and black would be lovely, but we all know that what pink really loves is grey.

    If that dress were mine (oh, if only) I would put on my shoulders a pale grey cardigan with some beautiful buttons, and slip my feet into a pair of delicate grey slingbacks.

    And the dress would be happy, and so would I.

  4. This dress is gorgeous.

    I'd wear it with flats (black/grey) and an open cardigan to dress it down. OR an amazing pair of pumps (which I do not own) to really dress it up.

    I'd wish you luck but you're already lucky enough to have someone to buy you that dress!

  5. Yes, yes black opaques and mary janes would be nice. But that dress isn't 'nice'. It's 'fabulous'.

    So, I'm thinking, the most obvious of choices. The wedding shoes. Those fabulous red towers of glory. Pink and red shouldn't be seen together? Lies. You did it on your wedding day and I've seen the photos to prove it. Them together and a red clutch or necklace or something would be amazing.

    Or... you know what shoes would be the overall winner? http://www.peoniesandpolaroids.com/2009/03/what-economic-crisis.html

    In pink. There's oly 36 pairs in the world though, so get to it?

  6. I reckon for dressing down the delicate cardi and a pair of sweet flats would be lovely. For dressing up I'd go with heels, but nothing too heavy - definitely light and strappy.
    I reckon either purple or matte silver would go nicely.
    still loving the dress

  7. 1) I second the grey. But black will be snazzy too. It will. Especially until it's warm enough to feel cute in things that are not black
    2) I have spent a lot of money on a t-shirt. But a grey one, not a white one, because I am a spiller, and because I was a nanny at that time. And it too developed a hole before long. Handwash?
    3) Pits shouldn't turn yellow if you keep it out the the dryer.

  8. Oo, I adore that dress. I think a black cardigan & flats or mary janes would look adorable.

    Or some delicate, lovely heels when it warms up a bit.

    Perhaps you should style it various ways & post pictures. Like a mini virtual fashion show. :)

    The most I have spent on a t-shirt is $30. I don't trust myself w/ white so I never spend much on white t's. Sounds adorable from how you described it, though!!!

  9. Lurve that dress, covet that dress and envy your confidence to sport the ruffles round the hind end.

    I'm a fan of the tights and cardigan idea. Also a big fan of the wedding shoes, maybe a big link chain necklace (punk it up a bit, it's very girly and could take it).

    To the t-shirt, buy it. Every woman needs a frivioulous and super-yummy white t-shirt.

  10. come summer, I think that dress might look good with some flat brown leather sandals (I have a pair in mind that I bought from Massimo Dutti a couple of years ago) and a leather biker jacket to toughen it up a bit. Or flats and a cardi if that is more your style.

    As for t-shirts - I usually find the more I spend (up to a cetain point) the better the t-shirt. My favourites are C&C California or Splendid ones from Liberty or Selfridges. Except, oddly, one white t-shirt that was £3 in Primark and a whole year later and numerous washes later has neithered greyed, yellowed or changed shape.

  11. *sorry, it also seems I cannot spell. Or type. I trust you can work out what I mean!

  12. I have a similar dress in style to yours.... a poufy bottom dress. I wore it to a play with the hubby. It was glamorous! I was probably more fashionable than 95% of the people in the audience... but secretly, I think those 95% wished they wore something more fabulous too! I got tons of compliments from strangers.

  13. Love the tights (black or gray) with cardi for dress down occasions.

    But (speaking as a girl who only wears similarly styled dresses for special occasions), we're talking special shoes (delicate or edgy would probably work) and fab earrings to dress it up. With that spectacular smile of yours. Then YOU shine just as much as the dress.

  14. That dress simply screams out to be paired with not-too-shiny metallic silver ballet flats. I can hear it calling out for them from here!

    And, uh, yeah...55 pounds is way too much for a tee-shirt, in my humble opinion. I think that there are many things worth splurging on...well-made boots and shoes, warm wool winter coats, fancy dresses, strings of real pearls, etc...but tee-shirts just aren't one of them, for me. Something as ephemeral as thin white cotton can never be worth all that money. :-)

  15. NO TIGHTS. (I'm sorry, I know it's cold where you are.)

    I'd go with chunky black heels that strap around the ankle. Or the wedding shoes. The wedding shoes would rock.

  16. A lovely shade of pink. It screams "Spring time", so I would avoid pairing it with anything black. Especially tights. If it's sleevless, you may want to try pairing it with a fitted blazer. Make sure the color harmonizes of course. Then perhaps some elegant earrings, with everyday heels.

    Just have fun with it! The best part of dressing up, is seeing how to pair new things, with stuff you already own. And, if you don't own, explore and buy. :)

  17. love the story :) you need to post a pic of you wearing it though! I think this dress would be perfect with the gorgeous heels you wore for your wedding!

  18. i think the dress is pretty enough to be worn with any manner of shoes or cardigans! also- the most i've ever spent on a t-shirt is 30 dollars. and i love it and it never got holes and i've had it for 5 years. so, if you have the cash to buy that t-shirt, and you won't beat yourself up about it, then i say do it. and i think you need to post a photo of yourself in your lovely new dress!

  19. Mmm, grey and pink. Yum. How long is it on you? I'm thinking no tights, unless it's very short. Tights only look cool with real minis, if you ask me.

    Oh and jewellery with some oomph, nothing too dainty. But not much, just some big earrings, or studs with a biggish necklace, or bangles.

    I'm pretty sure a silk finish takes a top way out of the realm of 't-shirt,' if that helps.

  20. Well, what mood are you in, Peonies? It all depends on what kind of ruffly rump you want to have. Pretending this is my dress, (coveting it, actually) I would seize the opportunity to display some magical, VERY carefully selected items.
    My "Look how chic I am" mood would wear a pair of little, open-toed kitten heels in a lucious eggplant (with some tiny, shiny buckles on the side, if at all possible) and an exquisite piece of jewelry. What about that lovely bracelet you fashioned and planned to wear for your wedding, (I don't know if you did or not) the one with the tear-drop gems and the delicate spiderweb chain? That would be impressive. Oh and something in your hair. A flower? I don't know but something a little fun.
    My "I can work this dress like you would never believe. Just watch." mood would wear delicious light brown, kinda rustic, kinda Italiany leatherish, chic boots. Some amazing, I-would-give-everything-I-own-for-these, Boots. With a thin little wispy, multicolored scarf. Oh and some effortless, dangly unique earrings. Now I really want that dress, after this whole boot thing.
    Ok, anyway, tights would still be fab...in any color except yellow which is a gross color for tights. I say stick to your intuition and do the maryjane/tights/cardi thing.(If you dont like my boot thing, that is.)
    As far as the t-shirt goes, if it has silk trimmings, WHY havent you bought it yet???? :)

  21. I have this dress. My boy bought it for me as the first thing he ever bought for me which I'd said I'd liked but not expected to get! (I also have two bunnys with very orgional names...boy and girl!)
    Anyway I have yet to wear my reiss dress but I will wear it with a gold and bright pink bag. I love the red shoes idea AND Id love to wear it with really chunky black gladiator sandles.
    Good luck with yours


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