Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lovely mummies...

Happy mother's day to my lovely mummy, all lovely mummies and all lovely mummies to be.

In Britain that is. I hear that you Americans have a different mother's day. Not to be confusing at all.

Mother and Child, by Picasso.


  1. Oh crap, for a minute I was terrified I'd forgotten. Then I realised in Australia, Mothers Day isn't until May. Phew. Should still call my mum and grandma tomorrow though...

    Happy Mothers Day to all UK mamas!

  2. My mother now expects (read: demands) 2 sets of Mother's Day cards/flowers/general goodness because she knows the UK one is today, but in Trinidad it's also celebrated in May (like those confusing Americans). What a spoilt lady. But who can blame her? She's put up with me for all this time...

  3. Yep, mother's day is may. The winter I lived in the UK, the UK mother's day fell on my mom's birthday! So I sent her a mother's day and birthday card at once!

  4. Yup, the U.S. Mothers' Day is May 10 this year. I always remember because it's the Sunday closest to my birthday...sometimes it's actually ON my birthday, and then my mom is insufferable all day, chirping, "It's MY day TOO!" Haha!

  5. Oh how I love pre-cubist picasso


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