Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meanwhile elsewhere

Things from Other Places that I have loved over the last week or two....

Isn't wedding dress shopping just the most funnest thing ever?

I need to buy some crayons. Or steal a kid

It's not fairies?

The sleepy one on the fence is killing me

This life which I hope will be ours (did you know that I want six seven kids? Just like the Weasleys. Seven, the Weasleys have seven children. Not six)

Oh dear god, the cheese

*photo by Maria of Vintage Simple
*one of Maria's treasures is a photo of mine and when she first framed it she put it in her bathroom. On second thoughts she decided that maybe it wasn't appropriate to rest your friend's artwork atop your crapper and moved it to her bedroom. Not before taking a picture of it though, just because she knew it would make me laugh. It did.


  1. If I can get David to agree to three I win. Which makes me think I should get started, which I'm not, but... so it goes.


  2. thanks for sharing your loves! isn't that marilyn and jfk thing crazy. not real, but awesome that someone set that up.

  3. I adore Maria. Maybe I met her through you....

  4. Yes.. the same for me but maybe I could still my nieces and nephews paintings from their mom:) Thanks for the link. Hope you are well!

  5. yeah, maria's good stuff. speaking of having babies, did you see this post?


  6. Six!

    We played Mr & Mrs at my soon-to-be-SIL's hen do and it turns out my bro no.4 wants six too. Wowza. (His fiancée wants 2... uh-oh.)

  7. I found some crayons for you

    They come in all different shapes and pretty colours!

  8. Cara..! Thank you!

    Uhm. Yes. Okay. Just FYI, if our home ever makes it to design*sponge, I must admit with some embarrassment that the photos were taken *before* I moved your beautiful photo to our bedroom. Tee-hee.

    Luckily, you can't really see it in the bathroom shot that made the cut - that would have been terribly embarrassing. Or ridiculously funny, I guess? ;)

    And this post here? You just made my weekend. No, make that my whole month...perhaps even my whole year. Seriously, I needed this today. It was like getting a great big hug from you. You are too kind - truly, thank you.

    much love,

    ps: Wow - six would be brave. We just have the one - he's standing out in the backyard getting snowed on as I type this. We don't get much snow here. I guess I should go out and join in the fun! I'm sending heaps of love your way, dear!

  9. so, am I right in thinking John Krasinski is pretty much number one on any thinking gals wish list?
    I am almost 100% sure I'm are destined to marry him.

    Maybe you could do the, almost-too-perfect-to-be-true pics?

  10. Well, it's six if you don't count Percy, and obviously you shouldn't.

    Also, OHMYGOD the sleeping rat.


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