Thursday, June 03, 2010

Love you Chicken.

Does this mean I have to stop calling him Chicken* in public? And ohsweetjesus, what about him calling me Pix? Surely Pix** doesn't count?

*I don't do this regularly, but sometimes it just kind of slips out. But then sometimes it just kind of slips out when I'm talking to other people that I love and before I know it Soph is looking at me like 'you freak, you just called me poultry'. So that's not really a pet name, but rather my inner 80 year old breaking free, right?

** I don't think he calls me this when he's talking about me to other people, just when he wants me to pass him the sauce or not get run over and stuff like that.


  1. I call my husband "hubby bubby" in front of other people. It's a testament to his epic patience that he doesn't throttle me right there.

  2. Chicken is a perfectly respectable pet name. It's in wide use among a certain group of friends of mine. And pix is just downright adorable. Personally, I'm partial to pumpkin, but the boy calls me his little lump, among other choice phrases. God forbid he should ever try to write me love letters...

  3. I sometimes (I mean often!) call me son chicken. Wait...that sounds bad. Not calling him chicken about a pet name! But maybe I should stop. Sometimes it's chicken little.

  4. I call Noah Monkey Poodle or Monkey Boy once in a while. Don't ask me where that came from, but there you have it. A term of endearment, if you will.

    And I also call people I love Chicken - so I can relate.

    Hope you are well, dear.


  5. I love words so have a variety of names for my husband, sisters, friends etc. I even call my Mum mumoo because she hates mummy and I don't like mum.

    M calls me puschkin or variants thereon. In front of other people. I really don't mind. In fact, I rather like it. I won't write what I call him. Mostly though, it's darling. Some while ago, just after we got married, I called him hub-cap as I had it in my head that hub-caps were essential to wheels. My dad pointed out that they are, in fact, superfluos, decorative only. Much like some people's attitudes to husbands perhaps.

    Only prob is when other people pick up your pet names and start using them. I call my little sister poozlet. Somehow it became The Poozlet and now everyone calls her that.

    Ok. enough. this comment is getting embarrassing.


  6. I'd prefer being called "Pix" I think. I seem to sway towards cute animal nicknames. And what a great chicken photograph!

  7. joe calls me "banana", but only in private. his siblings have very odd pet names for each other that they use ALL the time...

    fat-boy doll-face, or sometimes fat-boy doodle
    joey boey
    big tony

    we know a couple who call each other "bob"... and that's pretty much all they ever call each other.

    every single child i know i refer to as either "chicken little" or "pumpkin head". i just figure out which one they take less offense to.

    pet names are totally fine as long as they're original and not vomit-inducing.

  8. I call my gal pals chicken...I think it's a reasonable knickname for public usage!

    And Pix is just outright cute.

  9. Pix(ie) is a great one. It's very fitting, I think, and not at all embarrassing. So it totally doesn't count.

    Maybe it's because I live in the US, but you're the only one I've heard use 'chicken' as a term of endearment. I do think it's adorable, though.

    And really, unless it's actually a nickname, I find it hard to believe anyone would use a term of endearment to refer to someone while conversing with someone else about that person. If that makes sense.

  10. That article is bullocks. I love pet names. Mr. Beagle and I have a million for each other. Although most are private.

  11. we never use pet names.


  12. we have a gazillion! They are living breathing organisms that evolve over time. But all my friends and all his have always done that amongst themselves too.

    Chicken (or variations like chick, chook etc) is a commonly used endearment amongst females over here in West Oz.

  13. Punkin'
    sweet baboo
    naner puddin'
    Oh the list goes on and one....smiles.

  14. I'm so used to be called hütz (sounds like hoots) now that if he calls me Gemma it sounds a bit wrong. Is that strange?

  15. My boyfriend calls me Panda or Girl-Panda and I call him Boy-Panda. No idea how it even started, but I have to say it makes finding gifts easier. When at a loss, just find something with a panda bear on it!

    One of my friend's boyfriends calls her Squeaker Mouse. In public. Often. Squeaks for short.

    But I think Chicken is a lovely pet name. Love the picture of the chicken, too. It's adorable. It's dancing!

  16. my mister calls me "ninny" or "ninsy"
    I don't mind it, but it makes me think of a horse neigh.

    I'm much worst.
    His name is "cah-cah"
    not for doodie, but for the crows that KAW outside our window daily.

    I say it in public, and write it in letters. :D

  17. O my, that's one pretty chicken!
    I don't think there's anything wrong or embarrassing about pet names.


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