Monday, June 28, 2010

Sylvester the cat

(I'm on a roll with the 'things I want to buy' posts.
Let's call it materialistic Monday shall we?)

N won't let me have a cat because they kill all the good things we want in our garden (we don't *have* a garden, but one day we will and then it will have good things in it) like birds that sing and voles that burrow and frogs that hop in ponds. Or if it were a cat anything like N's childhood monster (uh, I mean pussycat) seagulls and pheasants and the occasional sheep.

So I'm having one of these instead...

...because it makes me laugh (does that make me a big git?)

*Sylvester Bird Nesting Box, from Urban Outfitters, via The Scotsman newspaper.


  1. you know what? our cat doesn't kill things because he is scared of EVERY LIVING CREATURE except for humans. even piders... he'll just watch them crawl across our floors and not do a thing.
    he can make babies and i can send you one?

  2. Yes! yes yes. Gorgeous AND he's a wimp, I love him.

    I have a woman at a cat rescue who's looking out for a blind, deaf, three legged cat for me.

  3. Hee, that is classic. I want one too.

  4. Haha! I love it, that's so cute! Not all cats are created equal, I hope your woman at the cat rescue finds you a goodie!

  5. That is hilarious.

    I think Celia's cat and my cat might be cousins because mine doesn't kill things, either. Maybe a roach (which should be killed, if you ask me), but I've never actually seen him do it.

  6. I love it.

    Black cats are best.

    The rescue home must have loads of decrepit but gorgeous cats? I know our local one does. I torture myself by looking at it. Stupid landlady with the no pets rule.

  7. I have a cat and she doesn't kill anything in my garden. Granted she's a scaredy cat but still.

  8. i don't particuarly like cats but that bird box is hilarious...! nom nom nom...


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