Monday, June 28, 2010


To conclude Materialistic Monday, my best lady Celia emailed me:

'when i think of your house, i imagine it looks a lot like this.'

I wish.

One day, when we're done worrying if we're going to starve this winter, I'm going to buy this print and I'm going to stare at it all day.


  1. That is, clearly, the house you should be living in.

  2. are you SURE your house doesn't look like this? are you *sure*?

  3. You mean you don't? Now I am confused.

  4. This picture a perfect match for one of the best short stories ever, Kelly Link's "Stone Animals". Have you read that? There are bunnies in it. You can download the book it's in for free: (I am not her publicist, just a big fan, of her & of your blog.)

  5. I have that print! I bought 6 or 7 My Folk Lover prints (she's one of my favourite Aussie illustrators) when she was having a sale. However, I have run out of wall space. Would you like me to send it to you? Think of it as a reward for your wonderful blog that I enjoy reading very much.

    Email me at elissa at iinet dot net dot au with your address and I'll send it. (Don't worry, I'm not some weirdo stalker...and I'm in Australia so you're a bit far away to stalk anyway!)


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