Friday, March 04, 2011

Flying solo

aviator bunnies

Nye: "It's only one day. 8 hours in fact. It'll be fine. We've managed to keep them alive for 4 months."

Me: "yes, and what if Soph undoes all that hard work in one day?" pause. "Alternatively, we've managed to keep Soph alive for 5 years, what if they undo all that hard work*??"

We have our first wedding in six months today. I'm excited. And terrified. I'm actually more worried about Sophie than the babies, they'll be fine. It turns out that babies aren't actually that breakable. Adults though? Adults can be driven to the brink relatively easily, and these two know it.

Luckilly Sophie is about as chilled as it gets, if anyone can survive unscathed it's her.

And yet. I still can't get the image of us getting home this evening to find Widdle and Puke strapped into their car seats with a post it stuck to Widdle saying 'Sorry, couldn't cope, gone home.' out of my head.

*some other people have helped. A little.


  1. They will all be fine :-)

    In saying that though...

    We are leaving Finn with a friend tomorrow to go to a wedding. He's 18 months old now and we've had him babysat loads of times. But I still get anxious about leaving him. I think this might be one of those "motherly" things that never goes away...

  2. Haha...deep breath...everything will be okay :D

  3. The day will go very, very quickly. Make sure you have told Soph super clearly exactly what might warrant calling you home, and what does not. That will ease your mind. And hers.

  4. Good luck, it'll be over before you know it.

  5. upon finding out we were having a baby, one of our friends who also has twins (1 year old boys) said to us...

    "don't worry; they're impossible to break. this one landed on his head last week and he's totally fine."

    see, fine. :)

  6. I just wanted to say that I laugh my ass off every time I read your posts. Your blog is my #1 favorite ever!

  7. The earlier you leave them with other people, the better! They will be thrilled to scream at your friend instead of you for a day...and your friend, well, just pour her a large drink on her return :)

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!


  8. I meant on 'your' return... sweet jesus...I had one too many already ;)

  9. when I say ro, you say bust, ro-bust, ro-bust, they'll be fine, have a glass of champers and reacquaint yourself with your dancing shoes...

  10. Hope the wedding was amazeballs, and that the babes (and Sophie) are all still fully operational.

  11. Hope all went well (or went very well to be more positive!) and there were no babies with no notes on their heads at the end of it x


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