Wednesday, May 11, 2011

beauty, brilliance and bollocks.

She didn't warn me. Cate didn't warn me that if I listened to Hollie McNish while I was making dinner I would find myself standing still, bent over the green beans, pasta boiling over, heart bursting in my chest. She told me I would find it funny but she didn't tell me that I would have to remind myself to breath, not because laughter was choking me but because for a few moments truth was laid bare in front of me and it was overwhelming. She didn't tell me I would have to stop half way through Hollie's spoken word album Push Kick, because sometimes there's only so much truth you can handle while you're making dinner. 

Push Kick is 'a journey through the beauty, brilliance and bollocks of having a baby' but even if you have no interest in babies at all I think you might like it.  Hollie is a 'spoke word artist' but that's just fancy-talk for 'poetry read aloud. Really good poetry that people who've never been into poetry will enjoy.' You can listen to it here, you can even download it for free, but if you choose to pay for it (any amount you wish) Hollie will donate the money to a charity that educates girls worldwide.



  1. Hollie's amazing, isn't she. Have you listened to her other poetry too? There's some excellent stuff about hate and racism on her website too.

  2. I love Hollie McNish, I first heard her on the radio a while back and was totally blown away.

  3. Yes! I listened to this a few weeks ago and was blown away by her words. She's amazing and am looking forward to hearing more from her.

  4. And even though you warned me, the words and the voice still hit me like a hurricane. In a good way :). Thank you, sweet lady, Hollie's poetry is the best thing that happened to me this week, and i owe it to you.

  5. i listened to this album, twice. so talented, the way raw reality meets with beautiful poetry and a rhythm that ties it all tightly together.

  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment about Push Kick. It was really touching what you wrote and the fact you wrote it in the first place. I've had a lot of people come to my bandcamp page from your blog to so thank you. ps. your wedding photos are so lovely, just been looking at the website. Hollie x


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