Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring! And a name change.

It's spring! In the south east, I imagine that in Scotland it's still eternal winter. But down here, spring! 

And do you know what spring means? Spring means time to put your pretty dress on, take your shoes off, blow some bubbles and splash in a public fountain. Oh, and hire me to photograph it. 

That's right folks, it's family photography season again! 

The old business is no more: apparently there is a wedding photography company somewhere on the other side of the world with a similar name to the old B&B, and they weren't willing to share. So, we are now Bluebird and the Bear, which is good too. 

Prices are £300 for a two hour session, which typically results in 50-100 high-res images. 

Call me! 



  1. Good Luck for this year Cara - we'll be recommending you to all our southern based friends x

  2. Oh can't wait for the day that we travel to London with our little one so that you can photograph it. You know, we always thought of hiring you to take pregnancy pictures of us in a park or something, but London with a toddler sounds like so much fun. The zoo! The Natural History Museum! The tomb of C.S. Lewis by Westminster Abbey...
    I love your new name , but I am sorry it had to change (must have been messy?)
    On the other hand if you ever feel like travelling to The Netherlands... let us know? Maybe we will ship you in once we are more settled. It really would mean so much too us that you would particularly do it.

  3. I thought we were ditching P&P, and I was Quite Upset. Next time I'm hiring you. Last time there was so much going on. xo


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