Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Do you pin? I pin. I pin like Madeleine Albright (to quote the inimitable Kidchamp.) I've even added a little Pinterest linky button whatsit over on the right there. (look! It's a pinboard! It's clever AND pretty.)

I know I'm a bit late to this party but I'm still hearing an awful lot of 'I don't really get pinterest' which sounds an awful lot like 'I don't really get my VCR.' In other words Dudes! IT'S NOT COMPLICATED. Pinterest is a place for keeping track of things you like and things you find weird and things you think other people might like. Or it's an enormous black hole of things other people like, which is mostly grotesquely sickening recipes (white chocolate salted caramel cupcake,cookie dough truffles anyone?) and diet 'inspiration' (read: Starvation Motivation).

It's both a place for you to keep virtual pinboards of things you like and a place for you to browse things that other people like. Which is both wonderful and awful. Wonderful because there are people out there with very good taste (and some with TOTALLY insane taste, which is amusing), awful because there are a lot of people out there with very good taste and one can lose hours, days weeks lost in that shit.

I try to avoid too much browsing of other people's pins and keep it as a place to save pictures and gubbins that I like. Which becomes interesting when one looks back on one's pins after a few weeks and discovers what it is that one likes.

It seems that I mostly like:



things with boats on


sexy men with babies. 


and rabbits


There are rules though. When you pin something it links to the page that you found it on. If that page is the front page of someone's blog then that link is not going to stay very useful when that someone updates their blog. SO. Either take 3 seconds to open the actual blog post that the thing is in or even better, if it's not that blog's original content then click through to whoever made it and pin it from there. Then when other people click on your pins they are taken to a link that is actually useful and credit is given where credit is due. Okay? Okay.  



  1. You, lady, have also been pinning lots of pictures of cake. Don't think I didn't notice. Mmmmmmm, cake.

    I wish that people would follow your pinterest rules - there is nothing more frustrating than spending four hours looking through the entire back catalogue of a blog trying to find a picture that then turns out to be uncredited anyway (related note: I f*ing hate tumblr. Tumblrers (?) seem much more irresponsible when it comes to crediting than us blogger and wordpress people, who are, of course, perfect).

  2. omg, I totally had to do a double-take!

    After the day we've just had, you can keep him. I'm keeping the baby, though. Yup, she's mine. Now don't be greedy - you've got two already!

    Love the tatts. And good pinning advice.

    ;) X

  3. @kirsty, yes, yesterday was very much a Cake Day. A go-out-in-the-howling-wind-and-rain-because-I-have-to-have-cake-NOW day.

    @one claire day, it's alright, you can keep him, I'm good with the Sexy Man With Babies that i've got. Thanks though. Maybe try the SPCA, I hear they re-home unwanted husbands along with the hamsters and cats.

  4. Totally agree on the tumblrers. I click and I click and I click only to find that the original tublrer hasn't credited and then I try the google image search thing and that doesn't work. So very irritating.

  5. shame. He's allergic to cats. I might have to keep him then. x

  6. So true on the crediting thing, but now repining is totally going to feel like work.

    Who am I kidding. Like I have time for pinterest. Or blog-reading. *whistles*

  7. i like repinning all of the stripes that you pin - love stripes. xx

    (and i like your thoughts on crediting... it's extra sad to find one of your own images on a thousand tumblrs, and then later on more widely read blogs like 'everything fabulous', with no credit, or the wrong credit.)

  8. oh, woah i never even thought about how to go back to get the pin credit. thanks for the tips :) and also, sexy men with babies just slay me. kill me now cause the babes make them even sexier.

  9. i for some reason fought pintrest for the longest time and am now addicted.

  10. I also started pinning lately (got late to the party I know) and it is quite addictive. Just started following you . Everytime I see bunnies I think of you.

  11. i can't start a day without coffee~ hahaha

  12. Thank you for discovering those *fantastic* J.Crew shoes! I fell in love.

    After hemming and hawing and looking at other options and looking up reviews and looking at my bank account and telling myself how unreasonable it is to purchase them now... I bought them.


    Thank you!

  13. Ha, yes, you are a pinterest junkie ;) I only say that as one too of course! Yeah, the source thing again... I actually had to ask a few people who pinned my wedding invites as from 'google' if they could change the source.

    Not that I'm perfect at doing it either but I do try when I pin. It's repinning when it's a problem as you never check the source then (guilty of that here!)

  14. I love to pin! I'm actually a little addicted.

    You can find me here:

    Camila Faria

  15. I pin!

    I like the last rule you posted. I hate it when I see a picture and wonder where the skirt is from or how to do a project and I'm just taken to some random person's tumblr page and it has no information whatsoever about where the photo originally came from.

  16. love pinterest. so much.

  17. Thank you for introducing me to Pinterest! Like I needed another reason to sit at my computer for hours and hours....

    Emma Phillips
    Our site:
    Toddler Wellies

  18. You really rocked with those rules!

  19. I love Pinterest - it's replaced the Tumblelog I used to use to save all my inspiration in one place, and to be able to share it whenever and wherever. Thing is, though, on Tumblr you can link back to the original, AND give credit, but adding the click-through link is evidently too much effort for some people...
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  20. I pin!

    Very true, on that note, I tried to find the lovely bunny pic, but it doesn't seem available on Etsy anymore.. Can you remember who made it at all? Love bunnies. Chloe


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